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Sitting and Vision / Patching 101


Make sure your child has this foundational milestone in your system.  

Teach your child the skills of how to sit and see. This a crucial milestone many special needs kids miss, and it affects many other milestones down the road. It includes skills like riding a bike or skills in school to looking at your paper to your teacher and then back to your paper again.

What you'll get:

  • Learn the basics of sitting and vision
  • How to work with your child in a simple setting of sitting and vision
  • How to work with your child in a complex setting of sitting and vision

Money back guarantee for 14 days of purchase.



When you see better you move better

Has your doctor recommended patching for your child? Are you wondering how to patch or what is the best way to patch? Patching is more than covering your child’s eye for minutes to hours at a time. In this course you will learn, how to patch , how not to patch, and how to incorporate functional movement techniques while patching. If you are looking for a patching program for your child, this course will give you the simple “how to’s” for eye patching. 

What you'll get:

  • How to patch
  • How not to patch
  • How to incorporate functional movement techniques 

For persons in the United States, you must have an order from your doctor to patch. Do Not use this program otherwise. 

*14 day money back guarantee


"My grandson has PWS.Patching course from Michelle helped us to correct his strabismus and now his eye is normal."

- Irina S. - 


"I highly recommend the patching course 101. [Before this course] I've been patching my son for 3 years. While there was progress, it wasn't enough. I have done the course recently and I can already see more improvements with my son's vision."

- Marie-Anne -