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ML™ Laser Series w/ Segment 1 Training


Movement is your child’s potential!

It starts with weight transfer, rotational movement, and midline crossings that builds milestones and cognitive development. Learning how to help your child is the compelling force behind this course. Your child learns through the experience of movement integration. Each child is a learner but not be able to be a mover.  Each day, a child’s inability to participate in their development is the difference between failure and transformation. Identifying and helping your child process their efforts space is the secret to Movement Lesson™. It’s about initiating your child’s development, elevating their movement potential, and transforming limitations into possibilities. Together, we are shaping their future cognition, one learning neuromapping at a time.

Welcome to Movement Lesson™ Laser Series!

Get excited! This is what you are going to receive: 

  • 1 Complete ML™ Laser Series Course

    • Over 130 step-by-step, instructional videos
  • Movement Lesson™ Laser Series book
  • Movement Lesson™ Midline Points Chart book
    • Introducing Michelle Turner's entire midline movement evaluation
  • My Laser Program Workbook

    • Design Your Program
    • Movement Evaluations for My Child
    • Create your movement goals for a clear outline for your child.
    • Schedule your movement week.
    • Schedule your movement month.
    • Find your movement IQ.
  • ML™ Midline Points Assessment Workbook

  • PRIVATE HELP DESK You will have access to the "Movement Lesson Laser Series" private Facebook group for continuing support

  • Movement Lesson™ Cold Laser Therapy Device
  • 1 Set of Safety Glasses

BONUS! Movement Lesson™ Suture Midlines ($450 Value FREE)

This is the first part of the Movement Lesson™ Cranial Series. Unavailable in any other platform. This part of the ML™ Laser Series is an EXCLUSIVE and won't be available as it's own bundle.


You have 14 days from the time you receive your laser unit and books to get a full refund for the course. All items must be returned, undamaged before funds will be released back to you.

The Movement Lesson™ Laser series is to promote and work with core movement integration. Any information given is not for medical purposes. 



Learn how to build your own strategy of functional development milestones and movement with other Parents and Professionals

What you'll learn:

  • Newborn Movement Assessment Certification. 
  • Principles of Gravity and Rotation. 
  • ​Functional Touch for Changes in Muscles and Movement. 
    • ​Initiate 
    • Stimulate
    • Enhance
  • Identify and Reinforce Rotation.
  • Activation through Touch.
  • Increase Range of Motion.
  • ​Functional Anatomy through Movement. 
    • ​Head, Spine, Pelvis, Feet, Arms
  • ​Movement Possibilities vs Limitations.
  • Access to over 1,000 Instruction Videos for Continued Access (one-year benefit).