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Rolling Over Course for Optimal Development - AUD

One of your baby's key rotational milestone, rolling over is needed to start the process of playful to purposeful movements.

When do babies roll over?

Since the day they are born, your baby is busy moving and growing in their new environment. On of their biggest, first milestones is rolling over starting  by 2.5 to 3 months of age. More and more, we are distracted to a later success date, not realizing they need help for movement milestone achievements. At Movement Lesson™, we have the tools to start introducing the necessary stimulus for optimal development. You baby doesn't need strength to roll over, they need to be able to use rotational movements. Starting with the ML™ Newborn Movement Assessment to rolling over, the best gift you can give your baby is movement. 

What you'll get:

  • Learn the styles of rolling over
  • Learn the basics of rolling over trouble shooting
  • Learn the Movement Lesson™ touch and add it to the rolling over exercises


"I love these videos, I don't regret buying it, my only regret is i didn't know about your program earlier, it's better late than never."



"We’ve gone through the course a few times now and she started rolling a few days ago! Still working on the pelvis so she’ll have ease in rolling in both directions-the left is stiffer than right side. However, it feels good to have a baby on the move. "


"Hello Michelle, its one week i started the roll over class, i noticed my son now wants to pull from sitting to standing striaght, though we still working on his floor sitting which we see he is trying on that too. Thank you! I will purchase more videos definately. My eyes are on the laser purchase too!"


Money back guarantee for 14 days of purchase.