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Unlocking the Secrets to CVI

This is a special price for those who want to be a part of the beta group for this course. The course will include three live Q & A's with Michelle as you go through this course and have questions. 


Here is a sneak peek at part of the course outline:

  • Course Introduction

    Welcome to the Course

     About Your Instructor

     Outline and Objectives

  • Understanding Your Child’s Development

     Gross Motor Milestones

     Fine Motor Milestones

     Visual Milestones

     How to Correlate Your Child Functional Vision and Their Development

  • Your Child’s Visual Examination

     Secret #1 CVI and Vision

     How to Get Your Child’s Visual Examination 

     When Would I Need a Visual Examination

     Signs and Symptoms of Visual Impairment

  • Who Can Examine Your Child’s Vision

  • Evaluating Your Child’s Vision

     Visual Hierarchy for Movement and Vision

     Functional Visual Responses




     Weak to Non-binocular Vision

     Weak to No Convergence

     Delayed Visual Maturation

  • Secret #2 CVI and Vision

  • Does Your Child Have Functional Vision?

  • How to Evaluate Your Child’s Functional Vision

  • Patching Visual Evaluation

  • Scoring Your Child’s Functional Vision

  • Your Child’s Eyes

  • Secret #3 CVI and Vision

  • Secret #4 CVI and Vision

  • How a Child Develops Vision

  • What is CV

  • How to Work With Your Child’s CVI

  • Secret #5 CVI and Vision