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"I Want You to Have What I Didn't Have"

"From being deathly sick, legally blind, CVI, MR, autism, autoimmune failure, over 20 surgeries, my goal was for him to say ‘Mom’ by the age of 4. 15 years later my son walked to the pulpit, and he was inducted into the National Honor Society. Movement Lesson™ is here because of my son, and now I am sharing it with you. I want you to have what I didn't have." - Michelle Turner

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Many of you are discouraged, and are looking for answers on how to help your child reach any milestone. Together, with this course we will set up YOUR CHILD'S MOVEMENT LESSON™ M.A.P. (Movement Action Plan). In SEVEN days you will know how to evaluate, touch, and create movement milestones in your child. You will change your child's future FOREVER. Do you want a Movement Lesson M.A.P?


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