Movement Lesson™ Training Courses

Training Portfolio

Download the Movement Lesson™ Training Portfolio to learn how you can participate in parent training or become a Movement Lesson Practitioner. 

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Vision Class

If your child has issues with vision and movement, lacks social vision, they are behind in development or they have issues with functional muscle coordination, then take this course. 

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NMA Class

Children who experience birth trauma, hospitalization, surgery or infection, need the Newborn Movement Assessment (NMA). Make sure your child reaches all their baby milestones.

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Parent / Professional Training

Learn how to teach your child developmental milestones with the Movement Lesson ™ Parent Training. It's a four segment course and well worth your time. 

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Movement Lesson™ Academy

For  parents and practitioners wanting access to a large library of instructional videos on how to apply Movement Lesson™ and create developmental milestones in various parts of the body.

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FREE Videos on YouTube

Subscribe to the Movement Lesson™ YouTube channel today. Here find basic videos on initiating functional movement within your child's system using Movement Lesson™ techniques.

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