Primitive Reflex Movements and

Your Child's Optimal Development


Primitive Reflex Movements are automatic and involuntary movements that are present in newborn babies and are essential for survival and early development.


Typically primitive reflexes are thought to be controlled by the primitive part of the brain and are gradually replaced by voluntary movements as the child grows and develops.


However, Primitive Reflex Movements are involuntary movements cause by the newborn's exposure to gravity, allowing the epidermis (skin), skeletal, fascia, and muscle systems to articulate into functional movements needs for physical and cognitive development. 


Primitive Reflex Movements


Primitive Reflex Movements are purposeful, involuntary movements needed to start to initiate your child's developmental movement patterns. PRM are also essential in protecting your newborn from harm, helping your baby's life functions, such as breathing and sucking, and making their body available for early motor development. Some common primitive reflexes of your newborn include the Moro reflex (startle reflex), rooting reflex (turning towards the source of touch or stimulation near the mouth), and sucking reflex.

While your baby's PRM are typically integrated into your baby's 7 key rotational milestones within the first year of life, your child may experience delays or difficulties in their development of primitive reflexes movements, which can affect their overall motor development and function for optimal development. This course allows you to, chart, identify, and address any issues related to primitive reflex movements important for optimal physical development, cognitive development, and well-being.

The only course for that teaches you, a proactive parent, the true origin of reflexes, what they mean for your child's optimal development, and how to initiate stimulate and enhance your child's primitive reflexes


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