Working with Your Child's Milestone Development 

Is my baby okay?
How to work with your child's (new) diagnosis.
Have you tried everything to help your child? Why ML™ works when everything else has failed. 
How to work with and improve your child's vision and milestone development
How to get the help your need when you lack resources, can't travel, need an effective home-based therapy solution.
How can I become a Movement Lesson™ Practitioner? 

5 Steps to your Successful Movement Lesson™ Home Program

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7 Things You Need to Know to Help Your Special Child Move Better

In this video series, learn key insights for helping your special child succeed with their movement capabilities. This guide was developed as a means of giving parents and professionals the ability to assess and assist their children through a simple, gentle touch.

Newborn Movement Assessment

The ability to move unrestrictedly is key to an infant's cognitive development. Impairment in this area can indicate an array of disorders such as autism, cerebral palsy, and genetic diseases—and in these cases, early detection and intervention is imperative.

In Newborn Movement Assessment, author and movement integration specialist Michelle M. Turner offers a comprehensive guide to help determine a baby’s developmental concerns, as well as provide effective treatments to stimulate the child’s movement patterns through gentle touch.

Through step-by-step instructions for evaluating a child’s birthing process, assessing the rotation, and introducing a healthy touch, Turner shows you how to catch an infant's lack of response to movement immediately upon birth. She then offers the necessary tools to help you assess and change the baby's ability to react to stimulus, with the ultimate goal of improving the newborn’s cognitive development.

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You Can't Get to Mars Without Me

How do we learn to move?

From birth, movement is introduced through the forces of nature. When these processes are interrupted, due to trauma, genetics, and/or environment, they need to be initiated through manual processes found in Movement Lesson™. It's not about what's wrong. It's about what's missing...

a living being will not just fall down like a board, it will have variations of the response through rotation and lack of rotation with factors of buoyancy that can counter the force of gravity as a part of the equation. Within seconds, days or a lifetime, when a person, or animal, is unable to regulate themselves within these natural forces, their structure of movement deteriorates, as they will not create typical vertical milestones with any equal momentum with gravitational force. A living being that is unable to create equal responses in passive and active muscle- and force-based applications is equal to one with concerns in its relationship to life forces.

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5 Steps to Your Successful Movement Lesson™ Home Program

Download this FREE PDF - This is a method you wish you would have found and started yesterday!