What's Your Plan for Your Child's Optimal Development? Typical or Atypical


After helping my son go from a non-verbal 4-year-old to a student at Arizona State University


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7 Essentials Plan Checklist for Your Child's Optimal Development

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In 45 minutes, you'll discover:

  • My story of how I struggled with my son who had over 20 surgeries, and the doctor's giving me no hope… until I discovered what I'm about to share with you
  • How to go from worried to intentional about your child's optimal development
  • What early detection of any developmental delays means

  • The 7 "essential areas" of development you need to have a plan in to help your child achieve their optimal development. 

  • Key Essential # 1 - Diagnosis

  • Key Essential #2 - Stabilizing the Nervous System

  • Key Essential # 4 - How We Learn Through Our Senses

  • Key Essential #7 - Can't vs. Can't

  • Development should never be a goal, it's a requirement 

  • What it will take to get your child on a NEW PATH of Developmental Progression




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