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Movement Lesson™ Practitioners in Arizona, USA



Michelle Turner 


I created Movement Lesson™ in 2009, after trying a variety of therapies and getting no results. My son had over 20 surgeries, and the Doctor's weren't giving me any hope. Since then my son has gone from a non-verbal 4-year-old to an honors student. Today,  Movement Lesson™ continues to help children like my son have better movement abilities. And parents like myself, discouraged and hopeless, find solutions and have hope for their child again. 

Felipe Perez 


I became a Movement Lesson™ Practitioner in 2017 when I saw the power of ML, not just for children but adults. Days before having a shoulder surgery I decided to come to Michelle. It amazed me how after one session, gentle touch is what took my pain away. Of course I had to learn all about it, and here I am today. 

Claudia Carmack 


I brought my son to Movement Lesson 7 years ago (2013) and have been practicing ever since. Three years ago I became a certified practitioner and have been working and learning from Michelle. As a result, my son has done what many doctors said he wouldn't be able to do and it's all thanks to Movement Lesson.