Movement Lesson™ Baby Milestone Momentum Charts

"The BEST GIFT you can give a child is MOVEMENT." 

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The Movement Lesson™ Milestone Momentum charts are unique from any other milestone chart you have looked at.

These give you the TRUE BASELINE for baby milestone development. 

And you see the correlation between Movement, Vision, and Push/pull Milestones that are necessary to get a child on the path of Milestone Momentum.

When your baby is not meeting their milestones by the appointed times noted on these charts, your child is behind and you should be worried. 

Talk to your pediatrician and start being proactive now about getting your baby the help he or she needs.

If you are still getting the "wait and see" approach with your doctor, you can start Movement Intervention NOW using the Movement Lesson Technique. 

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It's never too late to give a baby, child, or adult their Milestone Momentum.


If your child is a little or a lot behind, all you need to do is use Movement Lesson™ to get your child back on the path of Milestone Momentum.


You shouldn't need to wait a month to know if something is working. 


You should be seeing your child progress every day.


When you teach a child Milestone Momentum Foundations, you give them the opportunity to experience Daily Progress. 


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