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Why a Baby Needs to Learn Balance and Counterbalance - Super Baby Secret #8

What does it mean when I say, "It's important for you baby to learn how to move?"

Many babies learn movement naturally, but when a baby's movements are restricted due to too much swaddling,  too much car seat time, etc.; or due to premature delivery, NICU time, or a child's condition or disease.

The baby misses out on important, natural, movement experiences that aren't even on the milestone charts used by Doctors and Pediatricians. 

These natural movement experiences are crucial for your child experiencing the most natural development they are capable of, typical or atypical. 


In a baby, there is no such thing as a bad movement.

So the question is, why is your baby moving like he or she is? 

How do you know if your baby's movements are natural or telling you that you need to be concerned? 

That's where Movement Lesson™ comes in.

You can know from day one if you need to be really concerned, moderately concerned, or mildly concerned about your child movements and what that means for their path of development and progress. 

You can learn more in a special course that has been put together for your child and their movement needs, the "Super Baby Bootcamp." 

The course is applicable for typical and atypical children, because it's about your child, their movement, and what that means for their development. 

If you are concerned for your child and the Pediatrician says, "Let's wait and see if they grow out of it," you can do that, but at the same time, you can start early movement intervention now. 

You want to be a good mom, a good caregiver.

So while you don't have to do ML, it can play an important role in helping your feel fulfilled in those roles.

This is not about knowing whether or not your child is going to be special needs, it is about getting them on a successful movement developmental path. 

It can make all the difference in your child's ability to go from amateur to professional, or in your child's ability to not walking to walking. 

Click Here, to learn more about the Super Baby Bootcamp Course. 



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