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Child Has A Mild Case of CVI - 6 Things You Can Do

"The doctors believe my child's has a mild case of Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)... what can I do?"

1- Understanding your child's ophthalmologist report. 

Unfortunately with CVI. You have a tendency to hear that in your doctors conversation but nothing else. 


Get the following information:
  • You need to know your child's acuity (Power)
  • Your child's astigmatism strength and the axis of the cornea. (How your child vision is torqued)
  • Your child's visual alignment. Does your child's eye turn in, out, up, or down. This is esotropia, exotropia, hypertropia, and hypotropia. 
  • Does your child's vision improve with or without glasses.
  • Does your child's vision improve with or without patching.
  • Does your child have good eye health. Is the retina structure in good shape? This is the perfect place where the parents hear the "eyes are fine" and they think glasses vs. structure.
  • Does your child handle visual complexities? 
  • Does your child have neuro-processing complications?
  • Does your child have neurological damage?
  • Does your child have genetic complications?
  • Did your child suffer from birth trauma. 
  • What is my child's CVI range?
This is a lot of information to obtain but this is your child's visual and cognitive future. 


2- How does your child see? 

Understanding the above and how they visually function is the key to helping them see better. Do they have binocular vision and convergence?


3- Get the glasses or contacts. 

Your child will need about two weeks to get used to wearing glasses/contacts (if needed).


4- Start your vision homework with the right diagnosis! 

Before you start your CVI program, every other diagnosis your child has gets worked with first!!


5- Get services! 

From your school, state, government, and YOURSELF! No parent thought they would need to teach their child how to see. Now you need to be there for your child's development and continuity of care.


6- Get a good program!

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