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Method by Anat Baniel vs Movement Lesson

What is the difference between the Method developed by Anat Baniel and Movement Lesson™?

Anat Baniel has focused her method on brain plasticity (neuroplasticity) and the brain's ability to make changes in movement. 


The goal is to wake up the brain so it can make more powerful movement changes.


The goal is to overcome limitations through the power of the brain.


Anat teaches parents and practitioners 9 Essential to overcome pain and increase vitality


Most importantly the Method created by Anat Baniel focuses on the brain's ability to change and is the heart of the body's ability to learn movement and thinking patterns.


ML believes that movement maps the brain, the brain cannot map movement.  


The brain is powerful and when an easier way to create movement is shown to the brain, new neuroconnections are made and the brain goes with what is easier to create function and movement in the body. 


When the body is shown how to create a movement by responding with rotation and weight transfer this creates a type of commensalism symbiotic relationship between the body's movement and the earth's gravity.


When this relationship is established, the body can now move in and through gravity instead of succumbing to gravity and eventually giving out because of the pressure of gravity.


Michelle teaches parents and practitioners 21 theories of gravity and movement in her book You Can't Get to Mars Without Me.


She also has a specific timeline for when babies should be presenting their movement, vision, and push/pull milestones.


When these milestones are missed by babies, she teaches how to put the milestones back in the babies, children, and adults to get them back on the path of milestone momentum.


Most importantly Movement Lesson focuses on the body's ability to create rotational movement responses within the space we call gravity. The brain becomes better as a result, but that is a byproduct to first creating rotational movements in the body.


Doing the Training for the Method created by Anat Bainel is significantly more expensive than doing the Movement Lesson Training. 


Many parents have felt obligated to finish Anat Bainels training due to the expense, and have jumped modalities once their training is completed because movement lesson yields more developmental results and has more developmental answers as to why a child is moving the way they do and what the parent can do to get their child back on the path of Milestone Momentum. 


Movement Lesson's goal is not that you are exclusive to ML. 


We simply want you to have the tools and know-how you need to know if something is making your child's gravity and movement relationship better or worse. 


No matter what you pursue, when you know what is working Do More Of It. 


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