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Number One Impact on Baby Development

Movement organization starts at birth when the baby comes out of the vaginal canal.


When a baby has been birth via c-section, with an epidural through the vaginal canal, or cord complications when the baby is coming out of the vaginal canal, the baby's ability to have healthy rotational responses is at risk. 


The most important factor that affects your child's development! Key things that affect your baby's developmental milestones! What to look for, what to do, birth trauma, and genetics, learn early intervention activities with Movement Lesson.


In this video I explain the creations of movement in the body and that movement's relationship to gravity. 



How a baby rolls over is a tell tale sign of their gravity and movement relationship. 


In this video, I evaluate a baby rolling over and what it means for their potential development based off of the baby's relationship with gravity. 



In an article by they asked me, as an expert, to share some insights on “Why is movement important for a baby’s development, and what can I do if my baby is more a calm type than a ‘mover’?”


Read the article to learn more about what I shared with them. 


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