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Patching and Vision

eye patching patching Mar 04, 2023


When your child's vision can be over-looked by their lazy eye. When a child has muscles-tone issues, it's assumed that a turned in eye can seem normal. However, at the same time, when a visual immaturity is combined with issues with movement, it can effect your development. Patching can help with your child's amblyopia or "lazy eye."
  1. Exam: Make sure you have a good visual examination using a retinoscopy. Your child's lazy could be due to an astigmatism, acuity (visual power), and/or their axis.
  2. Efficiency: Typically a parent is told patching involves covering the stronger eye with a patch for a certain amount of time each day, which forces the weaker eye to work harder and develop better vision. Movement Lesson™ patching is about using patching with efficiency. First, to see how each eye sees and where you can catch your child's vision.
  3. Ease: Purposeful patching should be done in short burst where your child is using their eyes for functional vision. You can't leave your child to learn to see on their own. Ease and purposeful vision helps your child experience site in a new and easy way.
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