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14 Rolling Over Warning Signs - Typical vs. Atypical Baby Development in Rolling Over

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😳YOU'RE CONCERNED that your baby Isn't Rolling Over Yet and everyone is telling you, "It's okay, nothing is wrong with your baby, every baby develops differently."πŸ€”
😳😳You know that everything is NOT OKAY, and you don't know what to do about it.
You're asking yourself, "WHY?!" 🀦‍♀️ 🀦 🀦‍♂️
You're thinking, "I did everything right."
"I didn't swaddle much."
"I play with my baby, and it's like my kid is NOT GETTING IT! WHY?"

You have a right to be concerned.

ALWAYS talk to your doctor about your concerns for your baby.
But when you are getting the "Wait and See" approach ⌚, then you need more options.
You have tried all the therapy and alternative therapy options and You Are Out of options. What else could there possibly be?
You are concerned because you are recognizing Your Child's movement deviations off the Milestone Momentum Pathway.

The question is, how do you get your child back on the Milestone Momentum Pathway.

βœ… Movement Lesson™ helps you understand the crucial LESSONS IN MOVEMENT that make a baby experience Milestone Momentum.
βœ… Then, we teach you how to give your child movement and get them experiencing Milestone Momentum, which is a path of daily progression in movement independence.
βœ… The best gift you can give your child is movements. 


   >>>Get our FREE Guide "5 Steps to BIG SUCCESS with Movement Lesson and MILESTONE MOMENTUM, Click Here.

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Rolling over is an important skill that sets up a child's ability to move In and Through Gravity instead of being restricted by it.
Flipping a child over in hopes that they will "figure it out;" the child may figure out something, but they won't have rolling over initiated internally in their system.
Until now, flipping a child over is the only solution we have had to try and help a child learn rolling over BUT NOW there is a BETTER WAY.
It's not about saying there is a right or wrong way to teach rolling, BUT this is the most efficient way to teach a child successful rolling over.
Movement Lesson™ teaches you how to put rolling over into a child in a way that your INITIATION of rolling teaches Their Body HOW to have a successful interaction with gravity.
Teach your baby successful rolling over in gravity with the Movement Lesson Rolling Over Course. 


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