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Therapy Is Not Working - 3 Reasons Why

Therapy is NOT working, and you don't know why...we do.

You have spent thousands of dollars on alternative methods, your child is NOT progressing, and you don't know why...we do.
Everyone is telling you that your child's needs to get stronger to milestone...but the truth is, milestones are not performed with strength.
There are three keys to YOUR CHILD'S development that everyone is missing, and it's Preventing your child from Progressing.
#1. Something you can do RIGHT NOW is take your child to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. They may say that your child's eyes are fine, but if your child has a lazy eye, astigmatism, is nearsighted or far-sighted...GET GLASSES, and request the EXACT PRESCRIPTION for your child's eyes. DON'T WAIT for the eyes to correct themselves; most of the time, that won't happen.
#2. Teach your child Rotational Movements so they can oppose gravity versus range of motion and muscle strengthening techniques. It's easier for your child to progress when they don't have to muscle through gravity.
#3. Teach your child weight transfer instead of putting them in static poses. A milestone is not a milestone unless your child can get in and out of a milestone position with rotation and weight transfer.
One common denominator for every baby, child, and adult that in failing them in their milestone momentum is their failure to move with rotation and weight transfer within gravity.
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