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Are you tired of the milestone talk?


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A Better Way to Determine Developmental Success

Instead of a piece of paper that lists a child's age and the milestones they are supposed to be accomplishing. Wouldn't you rather have a way to measure your child's movement successes and what that means for their development?
Do you find your life slowly deviating from the lives of your peers as their children progress and yours does not?
Have you asked yourself any of these questions?
"Why can't my child move?"
"Why can't he/she roll over, crawl, walk, eat solids, talk?"
"What more can I do? I will do anything."
Instead of looking at your child's limitations do you see their possibilities?

The Potential You See in Your Child 

Do you wish for a better way to determine your child's progress and success based on the potential you see?
Now there is a better way to determine your child's success. When a child's success is based on their functional movements then the magic happens.
But how do you teach a child functional movements? You do it with a gentle touch and proven techniques that initiate functional movements.

Movement Lesson™ is the only alternative therapy of its kind that teaches functional movements.

A functional movement is a movement a person can get into and out of independent of help or assistance. If you have ever said things like,
"my child seems suck in their movements,"
"he can't figure out rolling over,"
"she can't lift her head,"
Then these are signs that your is missing foundational movements that make it impossible for milestone movements to be accomplished.

At Home Solution for Child Development Success

The Movement Lesson™ Segment One Training teaches you how to initiate foundational movements in your child's system so functional movement becomes possible.
So more than seeing your child accomplish a milestone, it's better to see the child accomplish functional movements which inchstone and milestone movements are a byproduct of.
Get started with segment one training today.
Get over 100 videos and 35 hours of training that teaches you how to initiate functional movements in your child's system.

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