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Typical vs Atypical Child Development


From the first few days of life, you can identify where a child does and does not cross midline.

When a child lacks midline crossing, it will cause delays in milestone achievement or stop milestone development.
From the first few days of life, you can completely change your child's future with the Movement Lesson™ Midline Evaluation and the Newborn Movement Assessment.
Often parents find me when their child is 5 to 6 months old and the child is not rolling over.
While genetic, trauma and bone structure can prevent this milestone, more often than not, the reason why the child can't rollover is that the child can't cross midline in all midline points of the body.

Movement Lesson™ is the only alternative solution that teaches parents how to recognize, evaluate, and initiate midline crossing in all parts of the body.

These points include the head, chest, spine, shoulder, elbows, hands, pelvis, knees, and feet.
If you are concerned about your child's development, post a video of your child and I will include an evaluation for him or her in my upcoming Facebook live.
Midline crossing can be influenced at any age.
So even if you have an older child who missed milestones or who was delayed in their milestone development, you can teach them how to cross midline and therefore move better.
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