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Learn from Felipe Perez - Movement Lesson™ Practitioner - WORKING ON THE SPINE

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Working on the Spine

How is your child's spine?

Many of you coming to Movement Lesson™ have a child that has developed or is at risk for developing Scoliosis or other back problems. 

When you teach the spine to move through gravity in all directions, it can significantly alleviate these developing problems.

Felipe is one of the top Movement Lesson™ Practitioners in the world.

All the children love him because he is a big kid himself, and parents love how he teaches. 

He gives a different perspective and is a great resource when it comes to enhancing your practice of ML™ in the home. 

Here he offers great insight on how to work on the spine. 


Do you know someone who  is at risk for or who has scoliosis? 

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Take 5 to 30 minutes today and practice what he teaches you here. 

Schedule a Zoom or an intensive with him today. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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If you want to go a step further, do this simple spine lesson with Michelle. 

Disclaimer - Movement Lesson™ does not replace your doctor. If you are unsure about doing one of these techniques, don't do it. Schedule a consultation with Michelle Turner and consult with your doctor to address your child's specific needs. 


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