Movement Lesson™ Boot Camp

Learning the basics of how to implement your own home therapy program


In this course you are taught to...

1. Understand How Movement Supports Your Child's Needs

What you may not know about movement is that every successful movement your child makes should be made with rotation and midline crossing. So if you are spending hours every day or week in therapy and you are wondering why you see little improvement, that is why.

A common denominator among children with special needs is that they lack, to one degree or another, rotation and midline crossing in their movements. Traditional and non-traditional therapies alike put or "force" children into milestone movements, without evaluating why the child can't make that movement.

Many automatically assume the diagnosis is to blame for movement restrictions, but this is not the case. 

2. How to Influence Their Movements with Touch

Traditional and non-traditional therapies alike seek to influence movement by influencing the brain, which they assume then controls the movement. Movement Lesson™ takes a different approach by influencing the movement, which then teaches the brain another way to move and process movement. 

When you touch a body with force, it will respond with force, but when you touch the body with gentle, rotational touch, the body will integrate the new movements you are trying to teach it.

Wala, it's like magic, your child begins to move in ways you have never seen before! 

One primary purpose of this boot camp is to teach you how to apply touch to your child with gentle rotational touch so that you see increased movement abilities in your child. 

3. Where to Influence Their Movements with Touch 

Your child's specific diagnosis often means that your child has common movement restrictions as other children with the same diagnosis. 

Movement Lesson™ is not a diagnosis based therapy because it can help almost any child, regardless of their diagnosis.


Movement Lesson™ focuses on initiating necessary core movements before your child's milestone movements can even think about manifesting themselves. 

In this course, you learn how different parts of the body influence movement. Then you learn how to initiate rotation in these parts of the body to increase your child's movement abilities.

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Beginners Home-based Therapy Program


Top features

  • Learn the foundations of movement that create Milestone movements like tummy time, rolling over, standing, walking, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, etc. 
  • Learn how to create foundational movements in your child's system so milestone movements are possible 
  • Help your child from home
  • Use this course to supplement what you are already doing in other therapy programs to enhance your child's movement success. 

If you are new to Movement Lesson™, you will finally have a solution for a home-based therapy that is helpful and effective for your child.


For seasoned Movement Lesson™ parents, the Boot Camp will aid you in perfecting your touch and technique to have more results while working with your child at home. 

Movement Lesson Boot Camp

$99.99 USD
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