Cognitive Vision Training 

Learning to See

See two typical children one with healthy vision and the other with unhealthy vision. Without the vision assessment tool that you learn in this course, this little girl has slipped through the cracks and she will have a hard future, just because doesn't have proper vision development. Still now even children with special needs don't get a proper vision evaluation and everything but their lack of vision is associated with their milestone developmental delays. Don't delay, take this course and help your child see. 




It's one of the most unique, comprehensive, and effective vision courses you will ever take. And it's easy to understand.

  • You learn the basics of vision and Movement
  • You learn about the Diamond Scale Functional Visual Assessment
  • You learn about the Newborn Movement Assessment™ 
  • You learn about the anatomy of the eye and its role in vision
  • You learn a comprehensive method of evaluation of vision
  • You learn and develop skills that give you ability to help your child and any other child in your life
  • Over 40 instructional videos
  • This is a four-day course which totals 30 course hours

Vision is the first gap of information your chid needs to connect for full movement development. Eyes respond to movement and therefore create muscle functions to counteract with every motion.

Movement Lesson™ Cognitive Vision Training is the first type of program that teaches parents and professionals a comprehensive visual assessment that coordinates with a child's ability to create movement milestones. 

This 4-day course offers a on-of-a-kind setting where you can appreciate what your child is going through in their struggles to see and move in their world. What you learn in this course can be done at home or in a professional setting.

What You Will Get

  • Unlimited Access to Pre-recorded 4-day Seminar of Cognitive Vision Course - Reviewing the Diamond Scale Functional Vision Assessment ($2300 Value)
  • Access to Facebook Group, Starts November 1, 2022 (Priceless Value) 
  • Access to Course Starts Immediately

Total Value: $2300

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