Functional Vision Training

Live Workshop  

Attend In-Person or Virtually


This is a LIVE TRAINING with Michelle Turner, Creator of Movement Lesson™.


May 6-8, 2022

9:00 am to 4:30 pm


Location of Training



13428 Blue Heron Beach Dr. 

Orlando, FL 32821


Training For Parents and Professionals ONLY, no children during the in-person training.

Refund Policy: 50% refund policy on or before April 21, 2022


You will want to be in this training if:

  • You want to take your child's development and progress into your own hands
  • You want to make better decisions for your child based on their unique needs
  • You are ready to let go of the limitation mindset a diagnosis is putting on your child.
  • You are done comparing your child's lack of progress to the progress you see in other children


  • Understanding Visual Structure and Functional Vision

  • Why Improve Vision?

  • Vision and Milestone Chart 

    • Birth to 12 Months

  • How to Analyze Functional Vision

  • How to Patch

  • How to Work with Binocular 

    •  Vision and 3 Types of Convergence 

  • Learning the Vision Touch

    • The Spine

    • Can't vs. Can't

    • Changing the way one responds to gravitational stimuli through functional vision 

ATTEND IN PERSON - Live Functional Vision Training

$1,000.00 USD
ATTEND VIRTUALLY - Live Functional Vision Training - USD

$400.00 USD
ATTEND VIRTUALLY - Live Functional Vision Training - GBP

£330.00 GBP
ATTEND VIRTUALLY - Live Functional Vision Training - EUR

€352,00 EUR
ATTEND VIRTUALLY - Live Functional Vision Training - CAD

$527.00 CAD
ATTEND VIRTUALLY - Live Functional Vision Training - AUD

$558.00 AUD

We Believe that Parents and Professionals Should Have The Tools They Need To Take A Child's Daily Progress and Development Into Their Own Hands

Vision Intervention

Teach A Child How to See.

  • Learn the process of how vision develops,
  • What happens to functional movements and milestones when the vision development process is interrupted,
  • And what you can do start Vision Intervention now!

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Do you know the correlations between vision development and milestone development? Do you want to teach your child how to see? Join us in our live training in Orlando, Florida.