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21 Theories of Biological Gravity 

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It is believed that the body uses muscles to perform any and all physical tasks, but there has been little discussion as to the invitation of those muscle functions in the human body for form and response. Within an action potential of a muscle contraction the size of the muscle will change, a contracted muscle cannot create movement within itself. It is important to note that involuntary muscle functions (ie, cardiac and respiratory) and sub-senses (ie, balance and counterbalance) should remain as a subconscious and automatic response in the nervous system. Skeletal muscles as well as involuntary muscles can be manipulated to become an automatic and deliberate cognitive response depending on the individual’s stage of development.


There is a force that generates and that cannot be diminished unless the rotation slows or ceases to exist. The other cores work in tandem to stabilize, enhance and perpetuate this force beyond the earth’s surface. Sub-rotations are continued through these conversations of inner-planetary movement as they continue through the elements of nature. These demonstrations of the Coriolis force are all wonderful exhibits of motion relative to a rotation reference frame. Moving beyond the clockwise and counterclockwise reference to counter and counteraction through rotation equally forces the object's deflection. The two most notable instances can be seen flushing a toilet on each hemisphere creating oppositions in rotational response to nature, with the other being hurricane or storm rotation magnitude with environmental coordination. Storms, wind patterns, tornadoes are continued rotations that all dance within this equation.