Movement Lesson™ Laser Series 

Home-based program to help your child with milestone development.

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Has your child's services been discontinued? Are your child's services limited? Are you looking for a Home Therapy Program that will help increase your child's movements and abilities? 

I have the perfect solution. It addresses most if not all of your child's movement needs. And you don't have to be a therapist to use this program. Many do not understand that a child lacks movement because the child is lacking part of their movement foundations. This includes things like balance, counterbalance, crossing midline, and rotational movements. My home therapy program is specifically designed to put the movement foundations into your child's system.




  • Movement Lesson™ Teaches You the Foundations of Movement Needed for Functional Movement to Occur. 

    Every child has the right to move as freely as possible
  • Have You Ever Asked Yourself, "How Long Will It Take My Child to Figure Out X Movement?"

    Has it ever occurred to you that your child might not know what that movement is you want them to accomplish? 
  • You Don't Have to Come See Michelle Turner to Get Michelle Turner in Your Home

    What you need is support, a way to evaluate your child and a step-by-step Home Program to understand how you can best help your child


Self Feeding for the First Time - Laser Series Success Story


"Hi, I’m excited to be here! I have two children with rare genetic disorders. My son is 11 and my daughter is 7 years old. I am so glad I found movement lessons and I am excited to be taking the laser course. I wish I would have know about this when my kids where babies! I have seen so many changes in their movements already. I am working on my son’s hands with the lasers and he started feeding himself for the first time with a spoon this week! For my daughter I am working on her neck/atlas and spine. I am about to start the sutures midline section. I have been really enjoying the course and it has been easy for a beginner, like myself, to pick up and learn. Thank you Michelle for making this course available for my family."

Sara M. 

The NUMBER 1 Myth that Is Completely Hindering Your Child's Movement Development


Babies and children are all different and they will figure out movements in their own time

Regardless of your child's challenges at birth, or if they had none at all, you are here because your are discouraged that your child is not figuring out developmental movements. Depending on your child's age, you are wondering if they will ever figure out the developmental movements they are not making. 

Did you know that the common denominator among all children with limited movement is that they lack rotation and midline crossing in one or more key areas of their body?

These key areas include the head, neck, spine, shoulders, elbows, hands, pelvis, knees, and feet. When all these areas have rotation and midline crossing at birth you get what is called a "typical" child. All "non-typical" children lack rotation and midline crossing in multiple areas of the body. 

After 30,000 lessons, I will tell you now that a child who lacks rotation and midline crossing in multiple parts of the body is not able to figure out movements because the child doesn't even know the movements exist.

The way you can create movement is to manually jumpstart the system by teaching the parts of the body that have no rotation or midline crossing how to rotate and cross midline. 

Right now you may be asking, "How do I evaluate my child's rotation and midline crossings in these areas, and then teach them how to rotate and cross midline in those areas?" 

What's so important about MIDLINE CROSSING?


Have Complete Satisfaction with Your Movement Lesson™ Home Program or Your Money Back

You will be thrilled with the progress your child makes while going through this course.

It's something you can do over and over again and see movement progress every time.

You do not have to be a certified therapist to apply the techniques outlined in this course. The step-by-step courses are that easy.

If you consult your doctor and they don't recommend that you use the laser on your child, the entire course can be done without the laser and you will still see results.

You have 14 days from the time that you receive your laser and workbooks to request a refund.

At your own expense you will need to return the laser and work books. When everything is returned undamaged, you will be issued a full refund.

The Instructional Material Included in this course:

  • Access to ML™ Laser Series Course - with over 130 step-by-step, instructional videos
  • Movement Lesson™ Laser Series book
  • Movement Lesson™ Midline Points Chart and Evaluation Book
  • My Laser Program Workbook
  • Movement Lesson™ Cold Laser Therapy Device

  • 1 Set of Safety Glasses

The Movement Lesson™ Laser Series a $13,225 Value!

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Bonuses Include:

  • BONUS! Movement Lesson™ Suture Midlines ($450 Value FREE)

    This is the first part of the Movement Lesson™ Cranial Series. Unavailable in any other platform. This part of the ML™ Laser Series is EXCLUSIVE and won't be available as its own bundle.

  • BONUS!!   PRIVATE HELP DESK - Unlimited access to the "Movement Lesson Laser Series" private Facebook group for continuing support (Priceless)

The Movement Lesson™ Laser Series + Bonuses a $13,775 Value!

But you won't have to pay that much, keep scrolling down... 

What REALLY Makes this Course so Valuable to You:

  • Understanding your child's unique movement needs

  •   How to work with your child's unique movement needs to increase their developmental abilities

  • Learn Movement Evaluation techniques for your child

  • It's all online learning that can be done in your home!  (Priceless)

The Movement Lesson™ Laser Series + Bonuses a $13,775 Value!

But you won't have to pay that much... 

Get all this with a One-time Payment of $950 USD or THREE monthly payments of $350 USD

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Movement Lesson™ Laser Series -SPECIAL-USD

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Movement Lesson™ Laser Series -SPECIAL-POUNDS

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