YOUR TIME and YOUR CHILD'S TIME are the most valuable things on the face of this planet, and we want to give you BACK YOUR TIME!

As a mother of seven children, 3 with special needs, I need a movement lesson to work faster.

People spend their lives trying to acquire money, but nobody knows how to acquire time apart from delegating responsibilities to others to free up one's individual time.


But you can't delegate your child's optimal learning and growth to someone else. There is no one else to whom you can delegate the responsibility of parenthood.

If you are like me, I want my kids to be on track with their development. 


Apart from my first two children, the other 5 have not been on track with their development. 


While trying to be proactive with my most severe special needs child in seeking care for bone health and bone-breaking prevention, I was specifically told by a doctor, "We don't do proactive care; we only do reactive care."


My child's bones literally look like twigs, she doesn't weight-bear at all on her legs, and I am being told that she is not at risk enough for a bone loss and bone-breaking prevention program.


I don't have the kind of time to attend to her extra needs when she has a broken limb or a fractured limb, which has happened since this experience. Events like this make it so I have to start over with basic Movement Structure Functioning and it's frusterating.

Another scenario with one of my kids.

I knew something was seriously wrong with my daughter Margaret.


Because of the Newborn Movement Assessment™ created by Michelle Turner, I knew something was off in my baby's head from the first day of birth. The back of the head had a strangely focused heavy spot.


I actually noticed a lot of things that were off on Margaret:

  • She had a severe tic in one leg
  • She was scissoring her legs
  • I couldn't lay her down without waking her up (until I worked on her absolute horizon)
  • She wasn't going into rolling over, and I had done countless hours of Movement Lesson™ (ML™) on her. I knew the moment I finally put the milestone into her system using the Movement Lesson Touch. Usually, I don't have such dramatic ML™ experiences with my kids being able to identify the exact moment a milestone that wasn't in the system, is now in the system.
  • Michelle had worked on her like she had my son. Unlike my son, who is thriving after getting a few movement glitches resolved, Margaret's glitches were not resolving.
  • My NUMBER ONE complaint from birth was how much she cried. It was high-pitched and would go on for hours.
  • Her hips looked weird. I couldn't convince my doctor to do a hip x-ray, so I got one from the Chiropractor. While to him, the hips looked "fine," I saw bigger issues at hand. (incomplete sit bones), no wonder she wasn't sitting. She also had an asymmetrical hip structure. One was turned inward) 
  • The army crawling was awful and one-sided. She would only use one arm to pull herself anywhere, and one leg would go stick straight. 
  • She wasn't talking. ALL of my kids have been talkers. Margaret barely babbled.  
  • She made jerky movements.
  • She rolled her ankles and wrists (which I was able to resolve with movement lessons)
  • She was choking on her food
  • The heaviness in her head was spreading
  • She wasn't holding the movement lessons - WHY?! - Super frustrating!!
  • I was working so hard with her doing Movement Lesson and the development was SO POOR!
    • What a completely opposite experience I had with my son. He is a Movement Lesson Super Baby! He is going to be great at anything he wants to pursue as he gets older. His number one compliment from the pediatrician is how well he talked at 2 in complete and full sentences. Again, that was because of Movement Lesson™. His little life did not start out well either. He was stiff and shook. He wasn't on track with his milestones. So much so that I made the doctors retest him for Spinal Muscular Atrophy just to be sure he didn't have it. I never found out what was wrong with him, but Movement Lesson caught him up and made him surpass where he should be at now in development. 
  • Then Margaret started to regress
  • Her eating was poor and started getting worse

At this point, I was beyond frustrated and downright sick with worry for my daughter's development, and my doctor was not listening to me.

Humoring me, my doctor finally sent me a referral for a developmental delay evaluation (It had an 8-12 month waiting list).


At every doctor's visit, I was sharing my concerns about Margaret, and she, my doctor, asked me a little exasperated, "What is Margaret doing right?"


I responded, "She is doing everything the CDC says and is on track for development according to them, but I had to work hard for even their poor scale of development. I am spending hours teaching Margaret how to move, and it's really hard for her! Something is not right!"


"You should have been here sooner!"

Long story short, my daughter ended up having severe clinical seizures that paralyzed the left side of her body.


Come to find out that she had been having sub-clinical seizures, which are seizures without any external evidence of them, for an unknown amount of time.  


While sitting in the children's hospital and explaining to the head doctor all that had been going on since Margaret's birth, He said to me, "Why weren't you here sooner? Your daughter is 'failure to thrive.' She needs help. You should have been here sooner!"

At this point what am I supposed to do?!

One doctor is saying these are obvious signs of developmental delay and possibly more, and another doctor is not acting worried with all the worry I have been expressing.


Concerned, yes, but not making me feel like my worries are valid. In fact, I was feeling a little stupid and had the impression from her that I was worrying too much. 


Sitting in the hospital with a 3-week-old and my 13-month-old, the only thing I could do was movement lessons.


I wasn't going to sit around and see what Margaret would recover post-seizure. I was going to create it. 


Considering the trauma of the seizure, we were only in the hospital for 1.5-2 weeks.  I thank Movement Lesson for that. Doctors are always astounded with how short my hospital stays are. 


Margaret had regressed to an infant not much better than my three-week-old.


Even though I didn't have my laser with me, one of the first things I worked on while in the hospital was Margaret's sutures. These exercises are found in the Movement Lesson™ Laser Series. She was hooked up to an EEG while I worked on her and her brain stabilized after I went through the exercises that are in that course. We stopped having subclinical seizures.

Seeing Margaret in such a regressed state, when we got home I pulled out my laser and started doing Movement Lesson. 


I do lots of Movement Lesson without a laser, but when I really need to have an effective and impactful experience, I pull out the laser, why, because it's like doing 10 hours of Movement Lesson in one hour. 


I watched Margaret regain function quickly, considering the completely disabled body. 

I went to Arizona and did an Intensive with Michelle. Margaret regained a lot of stability. 


In 5 minutes Michelle can do more than what I can do in 20 hours of Movement Lesson. That being said, when I use the Movement Lesson Laser in my lessons, it's like Michelle is right there with me, making my movement lessons work faster and be more impactful.


After the intensive, I continued to need Michelle's touch. I kept using the laser with Margaret because it was like I had Michelle's touch at home.

3 months later, we found out that she had an epileptic genetic condition ROHBTB2. 2 months after that, I got a call from the hospital from someone wanting to set up an appointment for developmental delay. They were referencing the referral from my pediatrician from 8 months prior.


8 months was too late for my child to get an appointment to be checked out for developmental delay. Sadly it took an emergency situation to get the medical team set up and the testing done. Thankfully for Movement Lesson, I wasn't sitting around hoping my child's development would be okay. I knew it wasn't and Movement Lesson gave me the tools to be proactive and give Margaret the experiences of development she would have missed out on. Thanks to the ML™ laser I was able to accelerate the process.

What if I told you that Movement Lesson buys you more time.


Your biggest frustration is that you don't have enough time.

  • Your child needs help with everything.
  • You are overwhelmed with the prospect that you have a disabled child when you never wanted to sign up for that.

  • You don't have time to learn Movement Lesson™.

  • You are not sure how the laser can help
  • Is it really worth the investment?


It's true your child does need help with everything, but if you think of it that way, then you will work on nothing. 

The best way to approach it is to tackle the task, one step at a time. 


The laser really enhances the effectiveness of your time, meaning it can be as effective as a 60-minute session without the laser with just 10 minutes of your time. 


At times you may feel like that is not the case, but trust me, after countless hours of doing ML without the laser and then introducing that into my daily exercises with my kids, the efficiency the laser provides in your touch is mind-blowing!

If you are in a situation where you are trying to come to grips with having a child with more needs, possibly special needs, despite the overwhelm, deep down, you really want to help them thrive. The origin of the overwhelming feeling is "I don't know how to help them thrive and it feels like a daunting task."


To get the most out of the laser you really need to understand Movement Structure.


I recommend that you start with the Complete Optimal Development Program and enhance the effectiveness of the techniques you are taught in the program with the laser. As you go through the program, supplement your exercises with teachings from the laser program. The laser courses help you interact with the body on a deeper level using the more intuitive approach that Michelle teaches. In the Complete Optimal Development Progam, I will show you how to integrate the laser.


In this program I will have home application exercises, to help you implement what you are learning in the laser courses. 

You don't have time NOT to learn Movement Lesson.


This is true especially as your child's needs are compounding. If you are doing therapeutic approaches that don't incorporate rotational movements, in the long run, you are going to have to spend MORE AND MORE time attending to the increasing needs of your child. 


From personal experience. I should have had a little boy that was very difficult to manage. 


Again, when my son was a baby, he was stiff, unsettled, and kind of all over the place. He was a hard baby. He became much easier to handle as I did Movement Lesson with him. He became a more pleasant child, and I could leave him with others, which I couldn't do before. Knowing Movement Lesson gave me time to attend to my needs and gave my son time to develop relationships with other members of the family.

This has held true for my three special needs children. I watch parents go through hours and hours of therapy and alternative practices, feeling frustrated because of the lack of results. Remember that the origin of feeling of frustration comes when there is a lack of progress in your personal life and in the lives of those you care for. 


People wonder how I work full time for Movement Lesson, be a full-time mother, have side jobs, do ML on everyone, find time for myself, my church calling, and so much more. 


The solution is simple, when my kids can move they don't need as much of my time and attention. I can spend more time on my personal passions and service projects. I can spend my time teaching my children how to develop more mature skills instead of constantly being stuck in the rut of basic functioning. 

For every hour of learning Movement Lesson, I have gotten ten hours back. My kids have an independence about them that is specifically commented on by their doctors.


To me, that's the biggest indicator that the laser helps and that it's worth the investment.


With the laser, for every hour of learning and applying Movement Lesson, I get 20 hours back.


Some of this time manifests immediately as you get started, but most of it comes a little bit later and then it starts compounding as you are consistently implementing Movement Lessons on a daily basis. 


"Before any milestone can happen in the body, it must happen in the head." - Michelle Turner

I was discouraged sitting at home with my special needs baby (4th child) and she wasn't even close to rolling over. 


Michelle had just recently come out with her laser program that has a bonus "head and suture" section. 


I was still feeling pretty inadequate in my abilities to do Movement Lesson even though I had been doing it for a couple of years. 


I still had a hard time figuring out where all the exercises fit in the process of development. 


So, I did Movement Lesson because it worked, and my children progressed in ways I didn't see in therapy. 


(Then, I did a lot of Movement Lesson by faith. Now, I know exactly what I am working on and where to go with it. I teach you how I unlocked Michelle's secrets in the Complete Optimal Development Program) 


Nina's head was super heavy. It was hard to lift, and she wasn't rolling over. By 5 or 6 months old he was still able to sleep on the couch without me having to worry she would roll off because I knew she wouldn't.


Doctors told me that she would be delayed because of her condition but that she would be fine. To me, struggling to perform milestones is not fine. I knew the more I could keep her on track with milestone experiences, the better her future would be. Movement Lesson was the only thing I had found up to this point that taught me how to intentionally work on milestone experiences without performances (even though I still hope for performances).


I was stumped. I wasn't sure how to work on the rolling-over milestone. Then I heard Michelle say in a live, "Before any milestone can happen in the body it needs to happen in the head first." She then talked about the movements of the sutures in the skull an how they affect development.  


 The day before I had worked on Julia's head and sutures. She didn't do anything new, but her head was lighter so I knew that she had been helped.


Nina was sleeping on the couch in the perfect position for me to work on her head. 


I jumped on the opportunity and started working on the rotational movements in her sutures. 


Lo and behold, she rolled off the couch after she woke up. Thankfully, it was close to the floor, so it wasn't a far fall. Those exercises ended the days she could safely sleep on the couch, and I was happy for it! 


As the days and months progressed, I worked hard to teach her how to crawl and eventually walk. The laser hastened that process. I didn't have to spend nearly as much time on her as I did on Julia to get her body to respond. Part of it was that her body was more receptive, but the other part was the Movement Lesson™ Laser.


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