Newborn Movement Assessment™ by Movement Lesson™

Empowering parents and professionals to take a child's progress and development into their own hands by teaching you the superpower behind offering a child rotational movements.

Movement Assessment For Children Of All Ages

This assessment process will be a key component in helping you detect early potentials for developmental delays and help you have a proactive response about your child's developmental needs. 

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Watch this FREE baby series to catch a unique glimpse into your infant's brain with this comprehensive guide that is designed to help you determine both short-term and long-term developmental concerns.

Here you will learn about your baby's early movements create their ability to move, think, and develop.

FREE bonuses:

  • 0 - 24 Months NMA Live Evaluation with Erin Fulk
  • Newborn Movement Assessment™ Evaluation Form
  • How to have a successful doctors visit pdf
  • Welcome Movements for Your Newborn Baby

This is the best gift to give your newborn baby.

And if your child missed out on these movement's as a newborn, then it's not too late.

You can teach a child of any age these key rotational movements and start letting them experience daily progress and progression.