Get yourself and you baby started off on the right foot

NICU to Home Checklist and MORE...

You're getting ready to leave the NICU, what do you do? 

  • This checklist helps you transition from NICU to Home-care.

  • PLUS we provide a FREE MINI-COURSE with 6 simple exercises you can start doing with your baby today to initiate your baby's functional developmental movements that they baby missed out on

  • PLUS we provide you with  a baby-well checklist that is the road map for being proactive about your baby's functional movement development

Learn How to Give Your Child Proactive Care

 "You won't want to miss out on this exclusive checklist and free NICU to HOME Mini-course!" 

More than anything this will be your guiding star amid all the worries and concerns you will have for your child's development.

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