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Vision + Your Child

When a child can see, a child can respond to stimuli and thus create milestone movements.

Do you want to help improve your child's vision? First, you need to understand your child's vision needs. You may not think your child has vision needs, but if your child is delayed in their milestone development, more than likely they have a vision need. This FREE course teaches you what you need to know to do a basic evaluation of your child's vision needs. Then where you can go to further supplement and support your child's vision needs. 

What you'll get:

  • Understanding the correlation of vision and movement
  • Typical Vision vs. Atypical Vision
  • Functional¬†Vision Needs: Binocular Vision, Convergence, Following Tracking Midline
  • Learn about common visual diagnoses and how these affect movement: Nystagmus, Strabismus, Astigmatism, Delayed Visual Maturation (DVM), Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)
  • Guidance on what to do next if your child has vision challenges