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6 Steps to Improve Head and Vision Functions

For anyone who wants to improve a child's vision and head movement, this course is a MUST!

What you'll get:

  • How to Touch
  • 6 Steps to Improving Head and Vision Functions
  • Bonus Videos: Working with Dental, Nasal Cavities, and Palate 

What would merit the need for parent or therapist to use this course for a child:

  • If he or she has a vision impairment,
  • Has ever been intubated,
  • Has or has had g/j, j, n/g or n/j tube,
  • Scar tissue,
  • A brain shunt,
  • Head trauma
  • Or any other type of head issue.

Use this course as in correlation with your Vision Therapy Program. In it, you will learn

  • How the eyes should move in the skull,
  • How the head should move in general, and
  • Then you will learn how to organize these functions in a child's system.

If you are waiting for a vision appointment, this course allows you to help a child move and see while you are waiting.

Lastly, if a child's diagnosis (low-tone, high-tone, SMA, CP, etc.) is making it difficult for your child to move their head or see. You need this course. By organizing head and vision functions with movement milestones, you are making it possible for a child to create developmental milestones like crawling, sitting, and walking in their future.