Movement Lesson™ Professional Online Training   

Segment III



To participate in the ML™ Professional Segment III, you must have completed Segments I & II. 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Home Program

What You Will Learn in Segment 3

  • Advanced principles of gravity and rotation with adults
  • functional vision and movement with trauma and aging
  • identify and reinforcement early risk for early decline with aging
  • learn the markers for neurological movement disorders
  • Learn balance and counterbalance responses
  • Learn the 7 Essentials for Working with Adults- i.e. scoliosis, cancer, adult-onset disorders, strokes, trauma
  • Movement Possibilities vs. Limitation
  • Shots, medication, surgery - How to be a Senior Advocate
  • Access to over 1,000 Instructional Videos for Continued Access ( One-year access)

Learn how to build your own strategy on achieving functional movement and pain reductions with other Parents and Professionals. In the third part of ML Training we go over on how to apply Movement Lesson to Adults.

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Lifetime Access

$1050 - £840

Top features

  • Lifetime Access to the complete Segment II Movement Lesson™ Professional Training
  • Included in the training is 7 Days of instructional, demonstrations, and homework videos
  • 1 Year Free Subscription w/ Access to All Prior Segment I Trainings
  • Certificate of Completion**
  • $150 USD OFF Coupon Code for Laser Course
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group (July 25 - August 14, 2020)


**You will only get the Certificate of Completion if you complete the course.

Segment III - Lifetime Access - USD

$1,050.00 USD
Segment III - Lifetime Access - Pounds

£840.00 GBP
Segment III - Lifetime Access - EUROS

€965,00 EUR
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Muthulakshmi B.

"Thank you Michelle. Segment 3 has really helped a lot in understanding more about Movement Lesson. Results are seen. [my chile] is riding a skating scooter faster now with confidence and also working in vision has helped in walking, catching ball and other coordinated movements. Thank you for getting us here and looking forward to complete segment you."

Nadia C.

You have given us more that we could have imagined, an ouverture to the life force, a touch to the lifeforms. Looking forward to the next segment trusting that you will be gentle and generous fantastic human beings.

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