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Segment II 

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To participate in the ML™ Professional Segment II, you must have completed Segment I 

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"Agree just totally fantastic! Michelle is amazing at teaching the technique, talking us through again and again until I certainly felt like I was doing it. A great big Thank you, Michelle, Filipe, Claudia and Betsy, Your all stars in my sky.. <3 <3 <3"

Diane C. 

"You have given us more than we could have imagined, an ouverture to the life force, a touch to the lifeforms. Looking forward to the next segment trusting that you will be gentle and generous fantastic human beings."

Nadia C. 

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The key to success is giving your time and spending one-on-one time with your child

learning and applying the Movement Lesson™ Touch and Techniques

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What You Will Learn in Segment 2

  • Advanced principles of transitional milestone achievement
  • How we move within the principles of gravity and rotation
  • Functional vision and movement
  • Identify and reinforce early risk for developmental delays
  • Learn the markers for a high-risk child for short-term and long-term concerns
  • Learn Developmental Movement Patterns
  • Learn the 7 essentials of working with special children
  • Movement possibilities vs. Limitations
  • How to be your child's advocate

Learn how to build your own strategy of functional development milestones and movement with other Parents and Professionals. In the second part of ML Training we go over applying Movement Lesson™ to children.

At your own pace in the comfort of your home!

Unlimited Access

$1050 - £840

Top features

  • Unlimited Access to Segment II Training
  • 3 Month Free Subscription to Subscription Site
  • Certificate of Completion**
  • $150 USD OFF Coupon Code for Laser Course
  • Unlimited Access to Exclusive Facebook Group 

Limited Access

$525 - £420

Top features

  • 3-week Access to Segment II Training
  • Certificate of Completion**
  • Unlimited Access to Exclusive Facebook Group 


**You will only get the Certificate of Completion if you complete the course.

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