You know Michelle is Smart and Your Biggest Questions Are:


Where do I start? 

How do I start working with my child at the beginning of development and strengthen her movement foundations when I am unsure what that means?

How do I know what is the most important thing for me to work on?

What EXACTLY does my child need?

I don't want to hurt my child, so how do I work on development from the beginning to the end with confidence and an assurance that I am doing good? 

I know EXACTLY how you feel.


I had these questions too when I first found Michelle.


The first and most important thing I did was get a video review and did exactly what she said. 

When I first found Movement Lesson, I was a young mother, in the intensive care unit, with no other options to help my baby.


The medical field had done all it could for Julia. She had over $1,000,000 USD worth of medications administered to her on top of a 2-month stay in the PICU, which is thousands of dollars per day. 


My baby was on life support, and again, the doctors could no longer help my child.

I wanted to help my baby breathe! 


She needed to breathe or she would die!

I knew she had a purpose much greater than death. It wasn't her time to die, so I pestered therapy for ways, ANY ways, to help my daughter breathe.


They said that wasn't possible until Julia was older because she needed to be able to consciously breathe.


Hopeless, I prayed and asked God what would help me help my baby reach her full potential and become the most functioning adult possible. 


I found Movement Lesson and Michelle told me what I could do to help my baby breathe

I had no idea what I was doing, but I did the exercises she told me to do.


I knew couldn't hurt my baby because she was already on life-support.


Somehow I knew that this would only help.


After doing what Michelle told me to do, to my UTTER SHOCK, Julia's sleeping heart rate went from 145 to 135 beats per minute (bpm) to 110 to 90 bpm, which is the normal bpm range for babies when they are asleep.


For those who have spent some time in the hospital on death's doorstep, you know that THAT'S A BIG DEAL!

Had my daughter not been hooked up to all the medical equipment under the sun, I probably would have stopped doing Movement Lesson.


But I didn't and here's why!

When I did that first lesson in the hospital, nothing exteriorly had changed.


My baby couldn't suddenly move.


She still did nothing.


So much so that she could be fully awake while intubated because she couldn't bring her hand to her mouth let alone pull the tube out.


With a forth and final attempt to extubate with a DNR (do not resuscitate), I did more ML after the breathing tube was out, and that with the help of an amazing Respiratory Therapist, MY BABY WAS BREATHING ON HER OWN AND WE WERE GOING HOME!

Again, I saw no exterior changes when I did my first Movement Lesson‚ĄĘ, but something interiorly had happened to my daughter, and in my bones, I knew that if ANYTHING were going to be POSSIBLE for¬†her future, it would be because of Movement Lesson PERIOD THE END!

When I got home, I was unsure of what to do next with Movement Lesson.


I had all the questions you have now:

  • Where do I start?
  • How¬†do¬†I start working with my child at the beginning of development and strengthen her movement foundations when I am unsure what that means?

  • How do I know what is the most important thing for me to work on?

  • What EXACTLY does my child need?
  • I don't want to hurt my child, so how do I work on development from the beginning to the end with confidence and an assurance that I am doing good?¬†

Michelle gave me the answers to all those questions and she made videos and courses; still, I found it very difficult to implement and interpret my results at home.


I saw changes, but I wasn't having Michelle experiences.


What do I mean by that?


I remember that I just wanted to help my daughter lift her leg off the floor.


I worked on that for hours.

Michelle didn't have a course on it, and I had done a segment training, so I was making up a lesson and trying to create a specific outcome. (That's not how Michelle works. She applies the laws and principles of movement and lets the child manifest their capabilities), but me being mom, I wanted to see if I could create a specific outcome. 


After 30 to 40 hours of ML, I did get my daughter to lift her leg once, but I didn't know what I did, and I couldn't get her to do it again.


Then I went to Michelle for an intensive in Peoria, Arizona, and 30 minutes into the first lesson, she had my daughter lifting her legs and then my daughter was able to do it on her own ever since.


I thought, "WHAT DID SHE DO!!! AHHHH? I want to be able to do that at home!"


For 6.5 years, it has been my mission to figure out the answers to these questions that you have and that I had, and to organize them in a way that I could comprehend what I am doing and do it with confidence without the fear of doing something wrong, hurting my child, and doing more damage than good.


After working closely together for 5.5 years, Michelle and I have FINALLY put together the Ultimate Package that gives you the answers to all of these questions.


While Michelle specializes in the intuitive side of creating optimal movement, development, and independence in the body, I specialize in the technical side. 


After two years of in-depth study of the mathematics of rotational movements...



I found the missing links that were keeping me from having Michelle experiences at home.
I learned things she doesn't teach directly because she knows them naturally and responds with her rotational movements.
I, like you, do not have this intuitive gift, but I am learning it, and I want to teach you how I figured out Michelle's work.
I am going to show you:
  • What I wished I had known when I started Movement Lesson
  • How to take hours and years off your learning curve by showing you
  • How to go through Michelle's courses, and in what order so you can learn
  • How to more readily identify your child's specific movement structure need's for optimal development.¬†

To start, you have to begin with the end in mind.

 I wanted Michelle to fix my baby. I wanted my baby to be okay suddenly. I wanted to feel okay instead of living with this nagging worry that my child wouldn't amount to anything.


I was okay with accepting that Julia was special needs and would have challenges, but I wanted to see her crawl, walk, and play.


She couldn't do any of that. 


My daughter couldn't swallow. I wanted my daughter to pass her swallow study. I did an intensive with Michelle, hoping that, miraculously, my daughter would be able to swallow. I was sorely disappointed when my daughter failed her swallow study. 

What did happen, though, is that over time, as I worked on giving my child a new movement structure, she started to be able to drink water, then eat crackers, and now, she can eat bites of string cheese and spaghetti! 


This should have never happened to my child. I see the other kids in her condition. She started off much worse than most kids in her condition, and today, at 6.5 years old, she has an independence that no other child of her severe condition has ever experienced.


Doctors don't believe me when I say she is as bad as she is. She is excelling in her development, while kids in her severe condition at her age have stopped progressing and are starting to regress again, even with the expensive medication they take.

I have done Movement Lesson‚ĄĘ with all seven of my children (3 are special needs), and the ML results are the same for every single one.¬†

Each child is doing things they wouldn't have been able to do without Movement Lesson.


They are thriving!


I made development better for two of my children, who had good development from birth, and they are willing to try anything and everything because they know and feel like they can. 


My son, who was stiff and constantly shaking when he was born, has surpassed typical performances for his age (3 years old). He is smarter than a whip, speaks with amazing clarity, and understands new concepts quickly. The pediatrician is amazed at how far he has surpassed his peers in language and comprehension skills. 


Christina, my other child with Spinal Muscular Atrophy like Julia, is climbing things.


And Margaret, my child with RHOBTB2, should not have the movement, language, comprehension, and cognitive skills that she has. I have been working on her since birth, and I caught quickly that something was off, really off for her. I pestered my doctor with my worries, but only after intense seizure activity did doctors start taking her developmental delays seriously. She is learning and progressing in her condition, while most kids of her condition are suffering from severe delays. 


For all my children, Movement Lesson taught me how to give them a new movement structure that would allow them to experience development in new ways and thus gain movement and independent skills in ways that I only had hoped would be possible for them.

What is Movement Structure? 

Movement Structure is what you see here in this picture. From birth to 12 months old, a child should have a movement capability that by 12 months old resembles what's in this picture.


This is the movement foundation needed to make a person's future bright and full of opportunities for optimal learning and progression.  


If you have a breakdown in this structure, you have a breakdown in development, and that is why you are here. This system is not setting up for your child, and it's up to you to do something about it. A child's future is only as good as their Movement Structure. 


A child can still be disabled and have an excellent movement structure if and only if someone else gives it to them.

ANY THERAPY OR ALTERNATIVE MODALITIES that truly create progress in the body have unknowingly improved some aspect of the movement structure. 


But we don't just want improvement for your child; we want them to have a New Movement Structure for their Optimal Learning and Progression. 


We don't want your child to build their development on a shaky foundation. 


It's possible, but what happens is that when a child gets sick or has some sort of traumatic event, "regression" happens, and the parents, professionals, and therapists don't know why. 


The why has everything to do with the quality and integrity of that child's movement structure. 


You would never want to build a new building on a shaky foundation. 


What you need to do is start over from scratch create a new foundation, and then build a new building. 


It's the same for your child.


You don't want to build new skills and abilities on a broken-down movement structure. 


You must give your child a new movement structure and then give them new skills and abilities to thrive with and build their future upon.  


Again, here at Movement Lesson, we call this OPTIMAL DEVELOPMENT!

As a parent, professional, or other caregiver, the thought of creating a new movement structure may sound daunting, and it is if you don't know what you are doing.


I know, I have been there.


Michelle is truly a genius and deserves a spot with Marie Curie, Einstein, Newton, and all of the greats in the science field. 


She has given us everything we need to know to help our children experience optimal development, but it took me 6.5 years to understand it and know with certainty what I was working on with my child. 


I have spent the last two years exclusively studying rotational mathematics to put her work in a comprehensive system that any parent, professional, or caregiver can understand.

As a result, we are going to take 5.5 years off of your learning curve.

We, Michelle and I, are going to¬†give you a 5.5-year shortcut to learning Movement Lesson and give you¬†a systematic approach that we have created to learn, understand, comprehend, and successfully apply Movement Lesson‚ĄĘ without you having to fear you are doing something wrong or making things worse for your child's development.

With the system that we are willing to teach you, you can know with absolute certainty:

  • What part of the Movement Structure you are working on
  • How to identify the breakdown of the movement structure that is hindering your child's current development.¬†
  • How to create a new movement structure and
  • How to purposefully initiate, stimulate, and enhance any life skills you want to help your child with.¬†

No matter where your child is at in their development, we want to start at the beginning to create a new path of OPTIMAL development, building your child's development on a new movement structure.


This will take time to learn. It will be intense, but IT'S WORTH IT!

YOUR TIME is the biggest deterrent of any parent implementing Movement Lesson.


You may already be doing hours of therapy and other alternative therapy exercises. 


To take more time and learn Movement Lesson, is out of the question for most, but for those proactive parents who really want their hours to count, so less time can be spent on "therapy" and more time can be spent on your child's play skills, you can't afford not to take the time to learn Movement Lesson. 

In a 20-year span, Movement Lesson will give you more time for your personal goals, passions, and your ultimate life's purpose. 


If you are a parent who already knows that your child will be with you for life, we want to help you give your child as much independence as possible so your child can actualize their purpose in life and you have time for your goals, passions, and your ultimate life's purpose.


You do not have the time or mental capacity for your child's needs to be a time suck. 


You don't need to be miserable, and they don't need to be misunderstood. 

Whether your child is special needs or not, they will have a great future ahead of them if you:

  • Learn Movement Lesson,
  • Choose to follow the plan for Optimal Development,
  • Become a Movement Giver,¬†
  • Execute the M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T. plan,¬†and
  • Be purposeful¬†in giving your child a new movement structure,

Again, with these steps, your child is guaranteed to have the best future possible, despite any difficulties they will encounter due to factors outside of your control. 


We believe in your child's future, and we want to give you the tools to believe in their futuer too!

That's why Michelle and I are going to offer you her life's work for Optimal Development  PLUS a 12-month calendar on how to go through it all! 

You may look at all we are going to offer you and think, "There is no way, I have the time to go through all that in a year."


The reality is, you probably don't, the key for you to remember, is that in this calendar, you are going to get the day by day of what a child should experience in development.


Some days you will be able to go through 2 weeks worth of material in 2 days. 


On other days you will only be able to go through 2 days' worth of material in 2 weeks because life was crazy, kids were sick, or you made an unexpected (or expected) trip to the hospital with your child. 

That's okay, because more important than material, it's the experience we are offering your child. 


Every day, you pick up where you left off from the day before, and you will make progress.


I am going to show you how to have an effective 3-6 minute Movement Lesson. 


So, on the days when life is crazy, you can know what you did to help your child take one more step on their new path of optimal development. 

It's your daily consistency that will have the most profound effect on your child's new course of optimal development, not how fast you get through the calendar. 


What's more important is your child's quality experience of development, not that it happens in a certain amount of time. 


If you are here, already the optimal developmental timeline is not happening for your child. 


So you can keep worrying and waiting, hoping for peace of mind, or you can create peace of mind, by becoming your child's Movement Giver by doing our Complete Optimal Development Program.

Don't wait for your child to figure development out. 


I have seven children, and I have exceptionally smart to severe special needs. 


I have not let a single child figure out development. 


I teach it to them with purpose, intention, and hope for their brightest future to manifest. 


This is what Michelle does for any child that comes to her clinic.

Michelle Turner started out like you and I. 

Her son was fine. He was walking, talking, and on track with his development.  


Then was given a deadly bacteria instead of the vaccine for it and he regressed to a 3-month-old level, he became blind, and suffered from severe delays. 


Therapy wasn't working. After hours of brushing her son and everything else under the sun, she quit that. 


Alternative modalities like ABM helped her son, but something was still missing. 


His full potential was not being unlocked. 


She prayed and told God that she had two hands if He would only help her help her son.


In her ABM training, Michelle was having experiences that nobody else was having. 

She didn't know it then, but she was a natural when it came to working on and understanding movement structure.


What she learned from ABM and what she felt were two different things.

She went through the whole ABM training process and started her own business.

She was told she couldn't use any part of the full name of ABM in her business and Movement Lesson‚ĄĘ was born.


In her practice, Michelle started working with children and had amazing results.


Michelle wasn't doing what she had learned in her ABM training.

She was told that she wasn't qualified to work on children and that she hadn't gone through the proper training. She needed to stop working on children or stop being called an ABM Practitioner. 


Michelle chose the latter option and continued her newly discovered work on movement and child development. 


Over the next decade, Michelle's work progressed. 


Her son overcame his challenges despite the severe movement and vision delays. 

He is in college now, living a life of semi-independence that should have never been possible for him with the type of delay trauma he experienced in his young life. 


While all of his peers are still in a category of severe special needs, he can attend college on his own only needing minimal support from his parents to help navigate his daily needs. 


Is he still severe special needs? Yes, but he is experiencing his optimal development because of the work of his mother, Michelle Turner. 


And because of him, you and I have Movement Lesson‚ĄĘ to help our children.¬†

Michelle had no time to worry about hurting her son while she practiced new techniques with him.


She knew she wasn't hurting him, because the movement felt good, and she saw him continually progressing in his movement, development, and independence skills. 


 That is how she teaches her courses, she teaches parents and professionals how to make their child's movements feel good. 


If you are here, you know exactly what it feels like to touch or see your child, and you just know that something is off, sometimes terribly off. 

The movement feels and looks off. 


That is your first inclination that your child's movement structure is not being optimized naturally like is should in what we call development. 


You are here to learn what good movement feels like and looks like. 


When you implement the exercises we are going to share with you, you are looking for the movement to feel good!


When it feels good, then you can be confident you are optimizing your child's development.

The Movement Lesson‚ĄĘ Complete Optimal Development Program

Your baby, child, or grandchild deserves optimal movement, development, and independence!


What you'll get:

  • How-to Home Application With Erin Fulks
  • Includes all our free courses on Heavy Head, Torticollis, Back Arching, NICU to Home, Vision and Your Child, and the Newborn Movement Assessment‚ĄĘ
  • Breathing Course
  • Activating the Pelvis Course
  • Activating the Spine Course¬†
  • Constipation Course
  • Swallowing, pre-feeding, pre-speech course
  • Head and Vision Course
  • Patching 101
  • Tummy Time Course
  • Rolling Over Course
  • Grabbing the Feet Course
  • Pubic Bone Strike Course
  • Sitting and Vision Course
  • Coming To Sitting Course¬†
  • Crawling Course
  • Pre-standing and pre-walking course
  • (Any new mini-courses that we come out with will be added to your course library)
  • Parent Workshop Series
  • In-time Baby Development Webinar Series
  • Setting Up Your ML Studio
  • Learning Words and Phrases¬†
  • Self-Help - Breathing Course
  • Self-Help - Back Course
  • Self-Help - Head Trauma Course
  • Vision Education Course
  • Austim Course
  • CP Course
  • CVI Course
  • Nystagmus Course
  • SMA Course (Coming Soon)
  • Seizure Course (Coming Soon)
  • Rare Genetics and Low Tone Course (Coming Soon)
  • Microcephaly and Macrocephaly (Coming Soon)
  • Super Baby Bootcamp
  • Movement Bootcamp
  • Beginners Touch¬†
  • Segment One Training
  • Cognitive Vision Training
  • Segment Two Training
  • Newborn Movement Assessment (long-course)
  • Mastering the Touch
  • Functional Vision Training
  • Primitive Reflex Movements
  • Unlocking CVI Course
  • Scoliosis Course
  • SPML Course¬†
  • Videos by Body Part
  • Videos by Functional Movement and by Month
  • 12-month calendar for implementing everything above.
  • Twelve 15-minute one-on-ones per month with Movement Lesson Practitioner Erin Fulks
  • Weekly Zoom with Erin Fulks with a Mini-Lesson and Live Q and A with parents.¬†¬†

All these courses plus support are valued at over $60,000. If you wanted to pay lifetime access to everything, you would have to spend over $5751.84. 


Right now, you can get access to everything to optimize your child's development for ONLY $300 PER YEAR.


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