SPML - Complete Course for Post-Operative Care


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This course teaches you how to help your child with Cerebral Palsy experience successful movement and walking after SPML Surgery.


Here's just a taste of what's in the course:

  • Before and After - 3 Week Complete Post-SPML Intensive
  • Welcome to Week 1
  • Day 1 Post-SPML
  • Week 1 Training
  • Week 1 Homework/Discussion
  • Climbing the Stairs
  • Discussion: Post-SPML and Posture
  • Welcome to Week 2
  • Facedown Working Jaw
  • Head WOrk Laying Face Down
  • Head/Chest Down to Spine
  • Working Pelvic Tilt Ball Under Knee Dropping Elbow
  • Sitting working the Pelvic Tilt Ball Under Knee
  • Sitting UP working Pelvic Tilt
  • Post-Op Working Near Surgery Area
  • Post-Op Surgery
  • Hanging Technique
  • Ball Under Hip Working Sinking the Spine
  • Day 11 - Pelvis and Feet
  • Day 11 - Balance
  • Day 13 Fine Motor Transition Skills - Gross Motor Movements
  • Welcome to Week 3
  • Transitional Skills

  •  Learn to create milestones through load/lift variations

  •  and more 

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