Movement Lesson™ Underwater Courses

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Get the advantages of doing Movement Lesson™ underwater

Welcome to the Movement Lesson™ Underwater Course in Reclining Position. Working with water offers your child a different movement perspective for weight transfer, gravity, and buoyancy. It's also a simple, fun way to include development and family. Use this series as a guide to start working your child and increasing your Movement Lesson™ experience. 

Sitting to Standing Course:
  • Included in this course are positions to work in standing, sitting with the pubic bone strike, and the feet.

Reclining Position Course:
  • Included in this course are positions to work with the head, spine, pelvis, and the feet. 
ML™ Underwater Course - Sitting to Standing

$19.99 USD
ML™ Underwater Course - Reclining Position

$19.99 USD
Underwater Bundle Pack GET $10 OFF NOW

$29.99 USD