Online Zoom Consultation

How does it work

1. Go to Zoom and download the app

2. Make an account (it’s FREE)

3. Click on the link that will be send to you by Movement Lesson. 

The Online Zoom call is a 1-hour one-on-one session where a ML™ practitioner guides you through movements that you can do at home to help your child. It is recommended that your child is part of the video call so you can practice as the practitioner guides you. If for any reason your child cannot be part of the call, you will get a recorded video for you to practice.

A video before the consultation is required within 24 hours of the consultation, this will give the practitioner an idea of what to help you with, you can send video to [email protected]



It is up to Michelle Turner’s discretion to record and share video sessions. Please realize that it is a great deal of work to catalog, sort and drobox files. Videos can offer a wonderful learning opportunity for your child and others. All videos are edited for personal information if they are shared openly via YouTube. Each video is 2-4 GB. Please have a video card or external MAC based hard drive for a physical share during intensive weekly sessions.

A photo release must be signed prior to video release.

All prices are in US dollars. Out of office payments will be issued through a Paypal invoice.

-The video will be sent in 36 hours.

-The video is not to be shared without consent from the practitioner.

-The video is to be downloaded within 4 days.

-The video will be removed. It is not stored


Our billing price for a Zoom consultation is $135 with Michelle Turner and $125 with Felipe Perez or Claudia Carmack. This includes a recorded video of the call where you will get through Google Drive. 

Refund  Policy

All payments are done through PayPal. You will receive an invoice a week prior to your appointment. 
NOTE: Invoice should be paid 24 hours of your appointment if not it will be considered Cancelled. 

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