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Movement Lesson™ LLC www.MovementLesson.com 2009-Present

Created Movement Lesson™ LLC: a unique therapy method that utilizes a combination of gentle touch as well asrotational and purposeful movement within the principles of oppositional gravity through counterbalance and rotation to create an individualized and profoundly effective therapy session.


www.NewbornMovementAssessment.com 2016-Present

Created and published The Newborn Movement Assessment™: The Evaluation and Stimulation of an Infant's Developmental Movements, the first guide with step-by-step instructions on how to evaluate and enhance your newborn baby’s development. Using the B.R.I.G.H.T. system: Birthing process, assessing the Rotation, and Initiating a Gentle Healthy Touch, this method will equip you with a better understanding and deeper insight into your baby's personal development—leading to a brighter future for the next generation.


 www.BabyMovementLesson.com  2009-Present 

Michelle Turner, creator of Movement Lesson™ LLC, offers the largest instructional video learning  library for continued support. To date there are over 1,500 videos available. 

 Publications Newborn Movement Assessment™: The Evaluation and Stimulation of an Infant's  Developmental Movements, Turner, p. March, 2016

International Movement Conference 2017 Oxford University, Oxford, England www.movementis.com      9-11 July 2017 

Turner's Theory of Opposition to Gravity and Locomotion – Oral presentation

Perceptual Motion and Cognitive Development - Oral presentation with Medhini Singaraju

Perpetual motion in human beings: The relationship of movement and acceleration in locomotion - Oral Poster presentation


Initiation and Stimulation of Functional Movement and System Mechanics - Poster presentation with Kimberly N Huggins 

Abstracts and select papers will be published in the journal Functional

Neurology, Rehabilitation, and Ergonomics published by Nova Scientific publishers.

Gravity Research Foundation 2017 www.gravityresearchfoundation.org   April, 2017

How Living Organisms are effected by Turner’s Opposition to Gravity Theory – full paper submission 

Neuroscience 2017 - Washington D.C.

Making Neuroscience Accessible for Parents with Special Needs- Poster presentation with Kimberly N Huggins 

Creating Volitional Movement with Cerebral Palsy- Poster presentation with Kimberly N Huggins


 International Movement Conference 2018  

Harvard University, School of Medicine www.movementis.com     27-29, July 2018
Infant Developmental Movement Patterns: Evaluation Techniques and Definitive Milestones, Turner 2018 (Oral) Full paper Published
What is Standing? Redefining the mechanics of Standing and Clinical Interventions, Kimberly N Huggins, Michelle M. Turner (Oral) full paper submission, 2018
7 Essentials for Working with Special Children, Michelle M. Turner, 2018

 Cognitive Vision: Functional Visual Assessment, Michelle M. Turner, 2019

 Movement Lesson™ Midline Points, Michelle M. Turner, 2020

Movement Lesson™ Suture Midlines, Michelle M. Turner, 2020

Movement Lesson™ Midline Points Assessment Workbook, Michelle M. Turner, 2020

Movement Lesson™ Laser Series - First Addition, Michelle M. Turner, 2020

My Laser Program, Michelle M. Turner, 2020

Gravity Research Foundation 2020 www.gravityresearchfoundation.org   April, 2020

Biological Laws of Gravity – full paper submission

You Can’t Get to Mars Without Me! The Rules of Gravity, Michelle M. Turner, 2021 



There are many things regarding the science of this world that are as-yet undiscovered. Perhaps the most immediately important is the mystery that is gravity. To date, we do not know the origin of gravity, how we organize within gravity, how to interact with it and the immature to mature levels of interaction. These unknowns are the primary cause for concern when discussing the future reality that is space travel and interplanetary colonization.

However, Michelle M Turner, author of The Rules of Gravity: You Can’t Get to Mars Without Me!, has spent the last fifteen years studying the human body through the lens of Special Needs (Autism, TBI’s, MS, etc.), when she discovered the similarities in functionality between astronauts returning from space and an individual with Special Needs. This led her to begin her self-education in the field of physics, specifically gravity. In her new book, You Can’t Get to Mars Without Me!, Ms. Turner explores twenty-one new theories of gravity and their applications in space - both space travel and colonization. The hope and intention is that these theories will improve the quality of life for mankind and improve apace travel and colonization for all citizens of Earth.

Presentations Newborn Movement Assessment™ 3-Day Certification  

September 2016, January, 2017, August 2017


Bhutan – November 2013 Foundation in Touch 

      Newborn Movement Assessment - Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital 

South Africa – November 2014  Foundation in Touch

South Africa – February 2015  - Head and Vision - Newborn Movement Assessment

Mumbai, India  – July 2015 - Foundations In Touch, Newborn Movement Assessment

Chennai, India – April 2016 - Newborn Movement Assessment - Sri Venkateswara Hospital, Nandanam, Chennai

South Africa – September 2016 – Introduction to Movement Lesson

Czech Republic - September 2017 - Foundations in Touch

Phoenix, Arizona - January 2018 - Human Body in Space

Movement Lesson™ Parent/Professional Training UK, 2018, 2019, 2020

Movement Lesson™ Parent/Professional Training India, 2018, 2019, 2020

Movement Lesson™ Parent/Professional Training Russia, 2019, 2020

Movement Lesson™ Parent/Professional Training USA , 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Newborn Movement Assessment™ - 2019 Developmental Intervention Center, Human Guangxiu Hospital, Changsha, China

Cognitive Vision, 4-Day Seminar,  2019 Czech Republic, Russia, United Kingdom, USA


Video Presentations International Movement Conference 2018, Harvard University, School of Medicine  

Infant Developmental Movement Patterns: Evaluation Techniques and Definitive Milestones https://youtu.be/XOjt7y2Ozdk 

What is Standing? Redefining the mechanics of Standing and Clinical Interventions



International Movement Conference 2017, Oxford University, Oxford, England

Turner's Theory of Opposition to Gravity and Locomotion https://youtu.be/FdG7ZnVBOHE

Perceptual Motion and Cognitive Development https://youtu.be/JI5IdWKlscU


Turner’s Theory of Opposition to Gravity explained https://youtu.be/NyJpgqba5uA


How to Become Multiplanetary - Human Body in Space   https://youtu.be/bnGeacxlfXM



Developmental Programs Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities and Long Term Care - DDD/ALTCS 

I have the unique opportunity to be working with DDD/ALTCS as a consumer. My children have been in the system since 2002. I’ve work with various support coordinators, supervisors and contract services.

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center - SARRC 

More Than Words, Fern Sussmann

A step-by-step guide for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder in an extensive,  practical, and user-friendly format.


Jumpstart, Prestart, Parent Orientation

Teaches parents of newly diagnosed children about the characteristics of ASDs and how to begin improving communication, reducing problem behaviors, accessing state services and coordinating with service providers. Also supports skills development for children with ASDs in school and community settings


Foundation For Blind Children - FBC Infant Program

Infant Program’s focus is to provide informational, instructional and emotional support to help families understand ways to create opportunities for learning at this critical age and throughout the life of their child, despite limited visual ability.


Preschool & Summer Program

Specialized teachers, counselors and therapists work in cooperation with the child’s parents in planning an individualized program that will best meet the child’s needs.


Specialized Training

Working with Children with Special Needs – Anat Baniel Method 2005

Vitality, Sensuality and Youthfulness– Anat Baniel Method 2005

Developmental Programs Anat Baniel Method Certification – Anat Baniel Method 2007-2009

Article 9 – Habilitation/Respite Certified 2008

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) Level One - Primitive Reflexes and ADD/ADHD 2012

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) Level Two - Emotions and Inner Leadership 2012


CST 1 - Upledger Cranial Sacral, 2018

CST 2 - Upledger Cranial Sacral 2019


Education Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

B.F.A. Illustration Minor Architecture 1985


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