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10 Reasons to Start Early Movement Intervention with Your Child

You are worried about your child's development and everyone is telling you that your baby is okay, when you feel like they ARE NOT!


The reality is, you don't know whether or not you should be worried. 


That being said, while a child normally won't qualify for early intervention services until they are over 50% delayed in their development, you don't have to wait for 50% developmental delay to help your child. 


You can help your child today with Early Movement Intervention with Movement Lesson.



Here are 10 reasons to start Early Movement Intervention with your child:

  1. Early movement intervention can help identify developmental delays or disabilities on the first day you try it. Your child can be a day old, 24 months old or older. This gives you the power to give your child the developmental experiences needed and maximize your child's potential.
  2. Early movement intervention gives you the skillset you need to teach your child new skills they can't figure out on their own. Besides, if a child is needing to "figure out" any part of development, then thats an early warning sign to you of possible developmental delays. 

  3. Early movement intervention can help reduce the severity of developmental delays or disabilities. The earlier you start teaching your child how to create developmental experiences in their body, the more impact you can have on your child's development.

  4. Early movement intervention can help give your child new communication skills. It can teach your child how to communicate their needs and wants, and improve their ability to understand and use language.

  5. Early movement intervention can help give your child new social skills. When you teach your child how to move, they are more likely to interact with others, share, and take turns, which are important skills for success in school and life.

  6. Early movement intervention can help give your child new cognitive skills. When you give the body correct developmental experiences, the way your child can think, solve problems, and learn new things changes dramatically. More than milestone performances you want your child to have milestone experiences which come from being able to transition in and out of various positions physically and situations cognitively.  Transitional milestones are essential skills every child needs for optimal learning and growing.

  7. Early movement intervention can help give your child new physical skills. When a child has to spend too much time on "working" to move, play can't happen. With early movement intervention, you can take the "work" out of your child's movement and put the "play" into your child's movements, which is important for overall health and well-being.

  8. Early movement intervention can help give your child new self-care skills. It can teach your child how to take care of themselves, such as dressing, eating, and using the bathroom, which are important for independence.

  9. Early movement intervention can help give your child a new way to bond with you. It can provide opportunities for you to interact with your child and learn more about their needs and strengths.

  10. Early movement intervention can help reduce the worry, stress, and anxiety of parent when they can see early warning signs of possible developmental delay that everyone else is ignoring. If something looks off with your child, something probably is and you can put your child a new path of development when you teach your child the milestone experiences needed for their optimal development.

    Your child doesn't need to be labeled "special needs" to get the help your child needs to experience optimal development!  


Every child deserves optimal development typical or atypical!


If you feel like your child needs a little help with their development, then they probably do and now you can do something about it while everyone else take the "wait and see" approach to your child's development.
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