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10 Reasons to Start Early Movement Intervention with Your Child

You are worried about your child's development and everyone is telling you that your baby is okay, when you feel like they ARE NOT!


The reality is, you don't know whether or not you should be worried. 


That being said, while a child normally won't qualify for early intervention services until they are over 50% delayed in their development, you don't have to wait for 50% developmental delay to help your child. 


You can help your child today with Early Movement Intervention with Movement Lesson.



Here are 10 reasons to start Early Movement Intervention with your child:

  1. Early movement intervention can help identify developmental delays or disabilities on the first day you try it. Your child can be a day old, 24 months old or older. This gives you the power to give your child the developmental experiences needed and maximize your child's potential.
  2. Early movement intervention gives you the skillset you need to teach your...

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