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Alternatives to Tummy Time - Birth to 3 months - the Absolute Horizon

What is Tummy Time?

Yes, I am working on tummy time with this baby, 


are you here because your baby is not doing tummy time, or you want your child to be better at tummy time?

You are learning about when to start tummy time, and you are wondering the tummy time age. 

You know that tummy time is important, but maybe your baby can't do tummy time, or won't do tummy time. 

Maybe your baby is past the tummy time age and you are wondering if you can still teach your baby tummy timer. 

Is it okay for your baby to skip tummy time if the baby just can't do it? 

Tummy time is essential to your baby's movement health, but there are circumstances where it's not safe for the baby, the baby doesn't like tummy time, or your baby can't do tummy time due to a genetic condition or something outside of your control. 

It's not too late you teach your baby tummy time.

When a child has established their absolute horizon, tummy time becomes easier.

It's Not Too Late to Teach Your Baby Tummy Time.

In the video, I talk about the absolute horizon and other key movements that need to happen for this baby to have a bright developmental future. 

For many babies, this just happens on its own. The baby has a healthy system and they take off. 

For many other babies, they are showing you signs that something is off when they can't do, or don't like tummy time. 

It doesn't mean your child is special needs or atypical, but these are important things to address now with your baby or the baby's development could become delayed.

You Want a Super Baby

That's why I created the Super Baby Bootcamp, so you could start learning and working with your child's movement needs now. 

You can teach your child the absolute horizon.

It's possible going through this course, your baby will start doing tummy time, or they may not. THAT'S NOT THE POINT

THE POINT IS, you have allowed your baby's body to experience tummy time whether or not they can actually show you the physical action of it. 

For many babies, that's all they need is a little adjustment made to how they process movement and they can proceed down a normal developmental path. 

For other babies, they may never have a "normal development" but it's still possible to teach your child baby milestones and development in a timely manner. 

Every baby is a super baby, so let's get started and unlock your child's full potential today.

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