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Are there Apps for CVI - 6 Things You Need to Know

How do you know if apps for your child's CVI are helping or hindering Your Child's visual development?

Working with a tablet can seem like the perfect idea for your child to get some visual interaction. This is the time you are working with YOUR CHILD. But just remember that, visual stimuli doesn't necessarily mean you are working on visual functions.

Here are some things to avoid or supervise when using a Ipad or tablet for Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI):


1- Does your child have binocular vision? 

Do both eyes work together? If the answer is no or sometimes, then you want to limit tablet time. This close vision with no depth perception does not bring the eyes to synchronized vision. 

2- Does your child have weak convergence? 

If so, then they also have weak binocular vision. It's impossible to work with depth perception or convergence with the tablet. If anything, it can create a hyper-convergence and tunnel vision. Racing games are notorious for that. Other apps show no depth perception - making the app easier but not what best for your child. You can see this in Peek-a-Boo Barn. It's very flat and not visually complex. It doesn't work on that. 

3- Does your child have issues with eye dominance? 

You can see the boy using the tablet he is eye dominant add to it the close proximity he's having to the tablet = this is not a good idea. How can you tell. Look at how close his eye is and the direction of his nose is not in the center. 

4- Is your child positioned for success? 

You can say your child has weak posture. Issues with core tonus? But, did you know, your child vision is weak and fatiguing. Your child might have to position themselves to make the eye's easier for vision. Look at the girl below. It is so difficult for her to sit and see.

5 - Find the app that creates cause and effect through movement! 

You child will feel successful when they interact with something that suits and pleases them. Music apps are fun and creative with minimum physical skills.

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And remember, always have a current visual examination with a retinoscopy! 

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