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How Do Babies Roll Over? - Baby Not Rolling Over?

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How does your baby roll over?

Yes, there are many ways a baby rolls over, but there shouldn't be.

Yes, it could eventually happen, but if it hasn't happened by 2.5 to 3 months old, do you really want to wait for it? Are you wondering what you can do now to teach your baby how to roll over? Movement Lesson™ has the best solution.

Learn about the optimal way babies should be rolling over for successful movement and milestone development

3 movement skills a baby should be using when learning to roll over

Many if not all other therapies (and the free youtube videos you are watching) teach you tips and ways of how to help your baby roll over using an external source; that source primarily being yourself. 

When you or any other external source is helping your baby roll over, the body and brain know it; therefore, you are not teaching your child to roll over in a way that the baby can self-initiate rolling over. Without self-initiated internal movements, a child will struggle with or become delayed in later milestone achievements. 

For successful rolling over a baby must use these three movement skills: rotation, weight transfer, and counterbalance.

Any child that is struggling with or is delayed in developmental milestone achievement lacks rotation, weight transfer, and counterbalance in the system. 

These three movement skills are essential for setting up every child's movement foundations for successful functional movements.

Functional movements means that your child can go in and out of movements without help or without significant effort to accomplish the movements. 

Movement Lesson takes a different approach where you become one with the baby and you teach him/her rolling over from the inside out

See how a baby's rolling over is worked on during a movement lesson. 

ML teaches you how to teach a child's body and brain rolling over as if it had happened naturally. 

Rotation, weight transfer, and counterbalance can only be taught to a system using the Movement Lesson™ Touch.

When a baby's system has the movement foundations mastered, their system is set up for developmental success.

When a child is struggling with milestone development, regardless of a child's diagnosis or the lack thereof, it's a sign that their movement foundations are off.

Please note that if a child's movement foundations are compromised it does not mean the child is special needs. A "typical" child can still have compromised movement foundations but their development will not be exceptional. But please keep in mind that the common denominator among all special needs persons is a compromised movement foundation. 

Not to worry though, every child's movement foundations can be initiated, stimulated, or enhanced using the Movement Lesson™ Touch and Techniques.* 

Solid movement foundations are what sets a baby's system up for success. 

How the Body Influences the Brain

If you have a child who is atypical you can use the Movement Lesson technique to make the brain think their body did successfully roll over.

This is one thing that separates the Movement Lesson Method from other methods.

Most if not all other methods try to influence the brain to influence the body.

Movement Lesson™ focuses on influencing the body which reformats the brain because it's through the body that the brain experiences movement.

By focusing on initiating movement in the body, you can make the brain think your child experienced almost any desired developmental milestone.

What's even more important is that the child does not have to physically perform a movement like rolling over to make the brain think it has experienced rolling over.

While it is the hope of every parent to see their child accomplish a milestone, the fact is for some children it's impossible, but, again, with Movement Lesson, you can make the brain think it has performed said milestone.

But then again, we have seen many children do the impossible using this technique. 

When you are feeling concerned about your baby not rolling over and he/she is 5 months, 6 months, or even 8 months old, Movement Lesson can give you solutions as to why

Not only do you get some answers as to why your baby/child is struggling with their developmental stages, but you learn a new skill set of how to put movement foundations into your child system.

ML™ techniques help "typical" and "atypical" children be more successful in their movements. 

Here's What You Do

1. Do the baby assessment evaluation to make sure your child is on the right path for movement success. If you score a 10 or less your child is ready for the Rolling over course. Take the assessment by clicking here

2. If your child scores 7 or less on their assessment evaluation, get started with the rolling over course today. Click here.

You could continue watching free youtube videos, but there you are not learning how to initiate the foundations of movement that will set your child up for developmental success.*

3. If your child has a score of 8 or more, your child is missing essential movements and you need to go back to the movement foundations to make their movements successful. Take Segment One Training to learn a lifetime skill that will allow you to help your child through all of their developmental movements. To learn more about the course, click here.  

*DISCLAIMER: Movement Lesson™ can not diagnose or cure any disease or diagnosis a child may have, but when the techniques are applied, movement can certainly be improved within the realm of what the body of that child will allow. 

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