How Do Babies Roll Over? - Baby Not Rolling Over?

How does your baby roll over?

Yes, there are many ways a baby rolls over, but there shouldn't be.

Yes, it could eventually happen, but if it hasn't happened by 2.5 to 3 months old, do you really want to wait for it? Are you wondering what you can do now to teach your baby how to roll over? Movement Lesson™ has the best solution.

Learn about the optimal way babies should be rolling over for successful movement and milestone development

3 movement skills a baby should be using when learning to roll over

Many if not all other therapies (and the free youtube videos you are watching) teach you tips and ways of how to help your baby roll over using an external source; that source primarily being yourself. 

When you or any other external source is helping your baby roll over, the body and brain know it; therefore, you are not teaching your child to roll over in a way that the baby can self-initiate rolling over. Without self-initiated internal movements, a...

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