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Tell-Tale Sign of Risk of Cerebral Palsy in a Baby / Infant: Counter-oppositional Movements

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Can You Tell a Baby has CP Right Away?

One of the signs that a child is at risk for Cerebral Palsy (CP) is that they manifest counter-oppositional Movements. 

An example of what counter-oppositional movement is, is shown in the short video.

Within the first hour of birth you can see if a child is doing counter-oppositional movements. 

But because risk for CP can be assessed at birth using the Newborn Movement Assessment™ (NMA), risk for Cerebral Palsy can be reduced using the Movement Lesson™ Technique. 

You can teach your child correct movements with the Super-baby Bootcamp and reduce the risk of CP as well other milestone delays and developmental disorder. 

Every baby should interact with their environment using rotation, weight transfer, balance and counter balance.

Meaning, as the child's head turns to the right, you should see a twist in the spine and the left hip should go to the floor to "counter" the turning of the head.

So if your baby turns their head to the right and the hips go to the right, this is not correct. 

In the Super Baby Bootcamp we lay out the essential movements your child needs to achieve functional movements and drastically reduce the risk for milestone and developmental delays.

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