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Atypical Development Baby Developing Into Cerebral Palsy


If you are a worried parent when it comes to your child's optimal development, then you probably should be.


For whatever reason, everyone is telling you that "your baby is fine, and you need more time to tell if there are potential problems, so don't worry and just enjoy your baby."


But you can't do this because you know something is off.


You want to be proactive in your child's optimal development, not reactive.


That being said, you don't know how to do that when every professional is telling you that "your baby is fine, and let's just wait and see."


Here are 6 action steps you can take today to put your child on the path of their optimal development no matter what their future holds.


Action Step #1:

Check your child for the quality of their rotational movements with our FREE course, the NEWBORN MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT (for ages 0 to 99 yrs old). The more rotational movements a child has, the less likely they are to have cerebral...

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Tell-Tale Sign of Risk of Cerebral Palsy in a Baby / Infant: Counter-oppositional Movements

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Can You Tell a Baby has CP Right Away?

One of the signs that a child is at risk for Cerebral Palsy (CP) is that they manifest counter-oppositional Movements. 

An example of what counter-oppositional movement is, is shown in the short video.

Within the first hour of birth you can see if a child is doing counter-oppositional movements. 

But because risk for CP can be assessed at birth using the Newborn Movement Assessment™ (NMA), risk for Cerebral Palsy can be reduced using the Movement Lesson™ Technique. 

You can teach your...

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