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Signs of a Good Tummy Time

tummy time Aug 05, 2022

(Scroll to the bottom for tummy time warning signs).

People always ask me... How can you tell if a child has had good Tummy Time experience? Here is a great example of me working a healthy, five month old. Look at what I’m pointing out to you.

  1. Nose crossing midline: Does her nose cross midline when she looks from side to side?
  2. Vision: Is she able to look up and down? Side to side? Does she have visual remembrance? Can she see from near- to far-sighted? Does she work the room and back to you? She won’t have smooth vision, because she’s five month of age. She’s working around the room rather than because of her body’s movements.
  3. Floats in and out of a horizon: Does she float in a horizontal position? Can she float from horizontal to sitting position? Does she float from side to side? Look at how easy she goes in and out of any position.

How do I start TODAY to help my baby’s Milestone Momentums?

  1. Newborn Movement Assessment (NMA) is the first stage of learning about your child’s potential for development and cognitive success.
  2. Do the Tummy Time Course for a random 2 hours a day for 7 days:
  3. Follow up in one week with a zoom or in-office appointment with a Movement Lesson Practitioner. Don’t let your child’s potential slip away from typical development. It’s much easier to work with a current milestone, like Tummy Time (under 2 months of age) versus playing catch up when they are older.
  4. Join Baby/Child Support Program - 14 day free access to the course I just recommended


Tummy Time Warning Signs:


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