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"The Eyes Are Fine" - Are the Eyes Fine?

eyes vision Dec 08, 2020
The one phrase you want to hear from your child's ophthalmology visit is your child's eyes are fine.
However, just because the structure of your child's eyes are good, doesn't mean that they have the tools needed for successful vision.
There are three key areas to be evaluated for your child's ultimate vision:
Environmental: Your child's visual surroundings can be too cluttered or complex for them to have successful vision. Like finding a needle in the haystack can be too much for them to have successful vision going from near to farsighted.
Structural: The eye is made up of several key features needed for the eyes to work. They should be examined for damage introduced by birth trauma and genetics, optic nerve damage, premature retinopathy, astigmatism, to name a few. During this time, the shape of the eye is examined for near and farsightedness.
Neurological: The brain is wired to read the information the eyes have sent them. A missing or damaged corpus colosseum to cortical visual intervention (CVI) can interfere with this process.
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