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Why a Baby Hates Tummy Time - What to Do About It

Difficulty in tummy time is an early warning sign for movement deviations.


A baby can hate tummy time because of...

  • Reflux,
  • A Heavy Head
  • Lacks Rotational Movements in the Spine and/or Pelvis
  • or a Stiff Ribcage
A baby should enjoy tummy time and have a nice sweeping of the nose back and forth as the baby is playing with movements that create functional rolling over, crawling, and walking.
If a baby's tummy time is unsuccessful for any reason it's likely the child will have difficulty in later milestones; either they will be awkward, delayed, or not happen at all.
Milestones should never be skipped, and if a baby is unable to perform those movements due to medical complications, birth trauma, or lack of movement in the body, Movement Lesson will help you put the Milestone Momentum back in your baby.

Movement Lesson is the only modality that offers milestone courses that teach you how to organize a successful relationship between your baby's movements and gravity.

If for any reason gravity starts to become a negative force for the body, that person needs a movement lesson.
A baby that has a negative relationship with gravity often manifests itself in ways where...
  • The baby looks stuck
  • The baby looks and/or feels stiff
  • The baby is heavy
  • The baby seems to fall through your arms when you are holding the baby
  • The baby hates a milestone positions
  • The baby can't get in and out of a milestone position without help
  • The baby is skipping milestones
  • The baby can only be placed in milestone positions
Improving a baby's gravity and movement relationship is key to getting them on a path of Milestone Momentum (which means a path of natural progression and development).
Do we promise that by doing our Milestone Momentum Courses that will make your child catch up? No.
Do we promise that doing our Milestone Momentum Courses and Training will "fix" your child? No.
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