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Is My Baby At Risk for Autism? Yes or No - 10 Signs in Babies for Early Detection of Autism Risk

Autism in Babies

These babies are not at risk for autismWhy? Watch the video and look closely can you see these three things? 
1 - Belly Bump hug. They are able to greet with their bellies. Pubic bone strike and belly crossing midline to their target. A development that starts with proper rolling over.
2- Vision - not only do these guys have eye contact, but they also have peripheral vision. They ‘work’ the room.
3- Balance - they are not concerned about their space, up and down, as they mingle around each other.

10 Signs in Babies for Early Detection of Autism Risk


If you are feeling concerned for your child's development, always talk to your Pediatrician. 

While you are working with your doctor there are early intervention techniques you can start now to improve your child's developmental path.


5 specific ways autism in...

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